San Diego Zoo

The San Diego Zoo, located in San Diego California is
one of the best zoo's in the United States.  Serving
as one of the main reasons to visit San Diego, the
zoo houses nearly 4,000 animals.  Also in the zoo, are
the infamous pandas, one of the main reasons as to why
the zoo is so popular.

Among the many animals you'll find here are the pandas,
giraffes, tigers, and basically any other animal that
you can think of.  The animals themselves have plenty
of room to run and play, giving you all the space you
need to view them in their active environment and
best of all - while they are at their best.

Anytime you plan to visit San Diego, you should make
sure you visit the zoo.  Kids simply adore the animals
here, while parents find them adorable.  Even if you
have never been to a zoo before, the San Diego Zoo
can more than change your outlook.

Once you enter the zoo, you can check out the animals,
get some food, or just walk around.  The park is
enormous in size, having everything you can basically
think of when it comes to animals.  Once you visit, you
may find yourself hating time when it comes time to

San Diego Convention Center

On the Embarcadero in downtown San Diego, the
Convention Center provides the best of facilities
for trade shows, conventions, and even corporate
meetings or all sizes.  For breaks and outdoor
events, there are landscaped terraces available
that overlook the bay.

The civic theatre in the Convention Center, offers
2,975 seats for meetings and formal assemblies.  This
helps to make the Convention Center the biggest and
best equipped of all performing arts theaters in
San Diego.

With its great views of the water and city, the
Convention Center is also convenient to hotels,
shopping stores, and plenty of entertainment.  Within
walking distance you also have the Gaslamp Quarter,
Horton Plaza, Petco Park, and Seaport Village.

Held here, are events such as the International
Auto Show, Boat Show, and many others.  The San Diego
Convention Center is located at 202 C. Street, in
downtown San Diego.

Undergoing expansion in 2001, the center doubled
it's space.  It now offers 500,000 square foot of
exhibit space, 90,000 square feet of multi-function
space, 72 meeting rooms, and now 90,000 square foot
of glass enclosed pavilion.

Those visiting the San Diego area or those who reside
here should check with the Convention Center to see
if there is anything going on.  The Convention Center
is a great place to visit - especially if there is
something interesting going on.

Mission Beach San Diego

The area of Mission Beach is a stretch of the sandbar
along the Pacific Ocean.  Through Mission Beach, the
main artery is Mission Boulevard.  This Boulevard is
a popular place to go in the summer or winter, as
there are main shops and restaurants.

Near Mission Beach, you'll find attractions such as
Sea World and Belmont Park.  Both amusement parks are
well known, and very popular.  Within the two you'll
find rides such as the Giant Dipper Roller Coaster,
Chaos, Vertical Plunge, the Liberty Carousel, and
The Trampoline.

Mission Beach also gives you plenty of opportunities
to participate in volleyball, tanning, surfing,
skateboarding, and many other activities.  There is
also a local skating club, Skate This, which performs
for free on the weekends with sick tricks and dancing.

Even though nudity isn't allowed on the beach, alcohol
still is.  Thong bikinis aren't legal on the beach,
although lifeguards and security personal normally don't
make a big deal about it.

With plenty of shops and restaurants, Mission Beach
in San Diego is a great place to go.  The beach is
very warm and offers a sandy environment.  If you like
the beach with other perks to offer, Mission Beach is
one place you should check out.

San Diego At A Glance

Referred to as many as being the only area in the
United States with perfect weather, San Diego remains
the oldest port on the West Coast.  Complete with a
well known Naval Base and a high level of tourism, this
breathtaking city continues to dominate the economy.

Aside from offering high mountains, deserts, and over
70 miles of the world's most renowned beaches, San Diego
also offers other great attractions such as Sea World,
the San Diego Zoo, and Wild Animal Park.

For art lovers, there are many different museums and
even the Shakespearean play at the Old Globe Theater.
Throw in the fact that San Diego has more championship
golf courses than any other area in the world, and you
have a city ready for anyone's imagination.

As a tourist city or a place to call home, San Diego is
one place you should at least visit.  The night life here
rivals that of Las Vegas, giving you something for
everyone in the family.  Young or old - San Diego is the
one city that you'll never find boring.

Mission Bay San Diego

Mission Bay Park in San Diego is the largest facility
of its kind, offering over 4,600 acres with free
recreational activities for visitors.  What was once
a sprawling swamp in the 1960's, was dredged and
transformed into what is now a great attraction to
the San Diego area.

Across the 27 miles of bayfront, water activities are
all over the place here.  For beach lovers, there are
17 miles of oceanfront property, including Mission
Beach and Pacific Beach.  There are separate areas
as well, for swimming, fishing, boating, and even
sailing.  Mission Park also offers free events such
as volleyball, jetski, and many different types
of competitions and exhibitions.

For the children, Mission Bay Park offers a playground
area with plenty of other things to do as well.
Mission Park has always been an attraction, one
that keeps people coming back for more.

For those living in the area, Mission Bay in San
Diego provides plenty of things to do.  The location
is great, with something always going on.  If you
plan to visit San Diego in the near future - make
sure you drop by Mission Bay and see what makes this
area one of the best in the world.

Maritime Museum San Diego

Since 1948, the Maritime Museum located in San Diego
has served the city in many big ways. The museum here
is dedicated to collecting and preserving the rich
maritime heritage and historic values of the city -
then presenting it to the public.

The biggest attraction to the museum is the historic
ships.  Here, you'll find five great examples of
maritime vessels - Berkeley, Californian, Medea,
Pilot, and the Star of India.

All across the museum you can find many examples of
Naval technology and ships of the past.  The guides
at the Maritime Museum are very friendly and helpful,
willing to answer any question that you may have.

Nearby to the museum, you have several attractions
and things to see.  With the museum being in the
downtown area of San Diego, it's very close to some
of the other things that San Diego is so very well
known for.

If you happen to be on vacation in San Diego, make
sure you visit the Maritime Museum.  Kids love to
see the ships on display, as well as the USS Midway
Aircraft Carrier Museum, which is a short walk from
the Maritime Museum.

Little Italy San Diego

Little Italy in San Diego is rapidly evolving as an
inner city neighborhood that's perfect to live in,
shop, dine, or visit.  The Little Italy offers great
views of the bay, art and cultural festivities, and
great food.

The nearby street sign for Little Italy, created in
1999, signals that the area is the heart and soul
of San Diego's inner community.  The sign is truly
a signal of peace, and can be found on India Street
between Date and Fir.

Each and every year, there are nearly a dozen festivals
held in Little Italy.  There are tons of holiday
celebrations, music, and art expo's.  During this
time, Little Italy comes alive like never before.

The heart of Little Italy is India Street.  This
street has plenty of outdoor cafes, restaurants,
galleries, and specialty shops.  Nearby Amici Park
offers a playground for the Washington Elementary
School and a community park that's complete with
a bocce ball court.

Bigger than the Little Italy neighborhoods in New
York and San Francisco, San Diego's Little Italy
keeps getting bigger and better.  The waterfront
district of San Diego is bouncing back with Little
Italy, proving to be a great place for tourist

La Jolla Caves

Along with the beaches La Jolla gives the San Diego
area, it also has some very nice caves.  The caves
of La Jolla are great for tours, exploring, or
anyone wanting to see the best of La Jolla.

Carved into the sandstone cliffs of La Jolla, there
are seven caves.  Most of the time, you can visit
any seven of these caves by sea kayak.  Although
all but one are accessible by foot, you should be
very carefully when minus tides sweep the area.

The Sunny Jim Cave is one of the most popular and
well known caves of La Jolla.  You can enter
through the Cave Store by paying a small fee.  There
are 145 steep steps to get through the cave,
which is great for exploring and seeing the area.

The cave store can tell you many things about the
caves, including tours.  If you plan to visit the
La Jolla area of San Diego, the caves can be a great
place to explore.  Those of you who have kids coming
along for the trip, should remember to be very
careful - as the caves provide a lot of beauty -
they can also provide a lot of danger as well.

Downtown San Diego Gaslamp Quarter

The Gaslamp Quarter of San Diego contains some of
the most extensive and dramatically designed
historic buildings in the area.  Constructed between
1873 and 1930, these Victorian style buildings are
truly a sight to behold.

The Victorian era buildings found in the Gaslamp
Quarter are home to night clubs, restaurants,
theaters, and shops.  A simple stroll down 4th
and 5th avenue will put you at the heart of the
Gaslamp Quarter.

Also found in the Gaslamp Quarter is the Horton
Plaza and Horton Plaza Park.  The Plaza is the
first place in the United States to feature a water
fountain containing electric lights; a true
tribute to the designer Alonzo Horton.

The Gaslamp Quarter received its name from the
gaslamps that were used in the area around the early
1900's.  During those times, gaslamps were the
main source of light for the area that is now
the vision of Modern Day San Diego.

Now days, there are more than 130 stores and shops
filling the Gaslamp Quarter.  With everything from
Macy's to Mervyns, Gaslamp Quarter has plenty for
you to see and do.  In Horton Plaza, you can find
a multi screen movie theater that is sure to please
movie lovers.

For a wonderful experience, the Gaslamp Quarter of
San Diego shouldn't be overlooked.  There is a lot
you can do here, from fine dining to excellent
shops.  For a family vacation, San Diego has a
little bit of something for everyone.

Cabrillo National Monument

Located in San Diego California, the Cabrillo National
Monument provides a historic lighthouse with plenty
of activities.  There are great views here as well,
with tidepools, flora and fauna, whales to watch,
and even military history.

The Monument offers hiking along designated trails,
bicycling on paved roadways, and swimming within the
park boundaries.  Fishing is permitted here as well,
with hook and line - although only one fish may be
taken.  When walking the trails and exploring, make
sure to be on the lookout for cliff areas, as they
can be very unstable.

A lot of visitors come to the National Monument to
enjoy the breathtaking views of the San Diego Bay and
the Pacific Ocean.  Because of this very reason, the
park has become of the best harbor views anywhere in
California - or the world for that matter!

The tidepools are great to see here as well, although
you should always be careful.  Even though they are
great to admire, the surface may be very slippery.

Anytime you are in the San Diego area, a trip to
the Cabrillo National Monument is more than worth the
time.  You can walk the trails, have fun, or just
enjoy the breathtaking views of San Diego that only
the Cabrillo National Monument can provide you with.

La Jolla San Diego

A sparkling jewel of San Diego, the La Jolla
area is a picture perfect post card with several
beaches along more than seven miles of coast
against an array of rolling hills known as Mount

Being a part of San Diego, La Jolla is only
15 minutes from the downtown district.  Along with
beautiful scenery, the area also offers many fine
restaurants, art galleries, hotels and resorts,
and many other attractions such as the Scripps
Institution of Oceanography.

The Birch Aquarium is also a part of La Jolla,
giving you the chance to enter the exciting world
of sharks, living coral reefs, and many other undersea
exhibits.  This aquarium showcases the mysteries of
the ocean and what actually lives there.

The shoreline of La Jolla consists of rocky headlands
seperated by pristine coves and sandy beaches.  All
along the beach, you can find many different hotels
and resorts, designed to make your stay a little bit

The North Pacific Beach extends to La Jolla, traveling
from the Crystal Pier in Pacific Beach.  If you travel
north of this area, you'll find yourself on the
beaches of La Jolla.

By going to the south end of the La Jolla shoreline,
you'll find Windandsea Beach.  Windandsea Beach has
long had a reputation for surfers paradise, although
the steep beaches and rocky cliffs can be very
dangerous if you aren't aware of them.

Close to downtown La Jolla, there is an area called
Casa, which used to be a children's pool.  Now days,
the area has been taken over by seals and sealions.
Although children can't swim here anymore, it's a
great pastime to lay on the beach and watch them play.

Traveling along the La Jolla shoreline, you'll find
the tide pools.  These pools are great to look at,
although you shouldn't touch them.  You should visit
during low tide and be sure to wear rubber soled shoes,
as they can get quite slippery.

The cove in La Jolla is very beautiful, although one
of the smaller beaches in San Diego.  On either side of
the cove, there are sandstone cliffs.  This helps to
add an isolated feel to the cove.

Throughout La Jolla, the Shores Beach is the widest and
longest beach.  If you look off to the distance on the
beach, you can see the Scripps Pier.  Also on the beach,
there are novice scuba classes held throughout the summer

With plenty to offer you and your family, the beaches of
La Jolla are among the best in San Diego.  There's plenty
to do and see here, with dining and swimming.  For a
great visit to the beach, La Jolla seems to simplify the
best of life in California.

Ocean Beach San Diego

Located in the Ocean Beach Community, Ocean Beach is
actually just south of the entrance to the Mission
Bay channel.  Located at 1950 Abbott Street, the beach
is a very popular location in the summer.  During the
winter months, couples like to walk the beach and
just bask in the presence.

The Ocean Beach is wide in structure, about a mile
long.  Along the north end of the beach, you'll find
a volleyball court.  During the summer, the court is
always teeming with people playing volleyball while
the sand around it is teeming with people watching.

At the south end of the beach you'll find the Ocean
Beach Municipal Pier.  The Pier is open to the public
with plenty of walking and fishing available.  Located
on the pier is a bait and tackle shop along with a
restaurant.  Although you don't need a fishing license
to fish off the dock, catch regulations are enforced.

If you walk to the south end of the beach you'll find
many restaurants, surfing shops, and many other commercial
shops and establishments.  Although you can travel to
the north end of Ocean Beach, it's mostly bordered by
residents of the ocean area.

The unique part of Ocean Beach is the Dog Beach, located
at the north end.  This sandy area is where dogs can
run and play without a leash - anytime - day or night.
Although dog owners are responsible for their dogs and
the clean up of them, Dog Beach is actually pretty
nifty for anyone who owns dogs.

For your protection along the beach, lifeguards are
out each and every day, year round.  They are generally
on duty from 9 AM until dark although you can check with
them for their specific hours of operation.  They are
there for your protection and very willing to answer
any question that you may have.

Keep in mind while on the beach, California beaches do
experience powerful rip currents.  It's because of these
currents that beaches in California experience over
1,000 rescues by lifeguards every year.  To be on the
safe side while in San Diego at Ocean Beach, it's
always a good idea to swim near a lifeguard.

For those who like surfing, surfing is permitted at
Ocean Beach in designated areas.  Scuba isn't recommended
however, because of the lack of undersea life, heavy
rip currents, and the surf.

For swimming or enjoying the California lifestyle, Ocean
Beach is a great place to go.  It is a very popular
place in the summer, drawing hundreds of thousands of
people.  If you long for a taste of the California
lifestyle, make sure you visit Ocean Beach in San

Facts About San Diego

Considering how San Diego is one of the best cities in
the United States, its really easy to tell how popular
the city is for tourists.  Among the many accomplishments
behind San Diego, let's take a look at several facts behind
this amazing city.

Fact 1
Inside the city limits of San Diego, more than 1 million
people live there.  This makes the city the second largest
in California and the sixth biggest in the entire United
States!  For the city to be this big, the residents still
have that hometown experience - which is quite amazing!

Fact 2
No matter what type of year it is, it's never the wrong
time to visit.  The weather is near perfect year round, giving
you the chance to experience everything to offer here.  With
an annual high of 70 degrees and a low of 55 degrees,
you can pretty much go swimming year round.

Fact 3
If you visit between December - March, you can catch some
glimpses of the impressive gray whale.  All along the coast
or on a cruise, you can catch this very amazing mammal.

Fact 4
If you travel just 23 miles south, you'll be in the beautiful
city of Tijuana.  What was once thought of as dangerous,
happens to be an amazing place of Mexican hospitality,
with great restaurants, shopping, and a pleasing nightlife.

Fact 5
San Diego offers an amazing array of flowers and roses.  With
the climate being dry, it's the perfect conditions for roses,
wild daises, and other exotic flowers.  With different flowers
in the winter and summer months, avid flower lovers will fall
in love with everything San Diego has to offer them.

Fact 6
It's no secret that one of the biggest attractions to San
Diego are the beaches.  Make sure you read the signs though,
as the beauty behind the beaches vary almost as much as the
rules do.

Fact 7
When it comes to nightlife, San Diego has something to please
everyone.  From country dancing to singing in a bar, the city
has a very happening nightlife.  No matter what you like to
do at night, San Diego has it all - and probably a bit more.

Fact 8
The most attractive feature to San Diego is the zoo.  The 100
acre zoo here houses almost 4000 animals all of which who have
plenty of room to roam around.  With pandas for everyone to see,
the San Diego zoo is reason enough to give the city a visit.

For more reasons than one, San Diego is the perfect city to
visit.  You can visit here with family or friends and know that
you'll always have places to go and things to see.  Winter or
summer, San Diego is the one place you'll never find boring.

Coronado Island In San Diego

Everyone in California knows that the best beaches
in San Diego are on Coronado Island.  Being linked to
downtown San Diego by the Island Bay Bridge, Coronado
is home to the SEALs training center and the Naval
Air Station Coronado.  A military powerhouse, the
island of Coronado always has something going on.

One of the best features to Coronado is the world
famous Hotel Del Coronado.  This Victorian style
seaside hotel was established in 1888, and was easily
one of the biggest and best hotels of that era.  The
hotel was hosted in the past by the infamous Marilyn
Monroe and the Duke and Duchess of Windsor.

The Hotel Del Coronado has some of the best service
in California, along with breathtaking views of the
San Diego area.  The restaurant here is one of the
best around, and even if you aren't staying here, you
can enjoy a great meal.  Each and every year, thousands
of people visit Coronado just to stay at this world
class hotel - yes, it's that good.

The Ferry Landing is also a great addition to what
Coronado Island has to offer.  The Ferry Landing
Marketplace offers you 30+ shops, restaurants, and
art galleries.  You can walk around and check out
what the marketplace has to offer, or enjoy a
visit to the Tidelands Park.

There are great places to walk and bicycle here,
with awesome views of skyline San Diego.  At sunset,
this is one of the best places to be.  On Tuesdays, you
can find a farmers market here as well.

The Coronado Beach is located here as well, along the
Travel Channel.  North of the beach there's the Best
Weekend Getaway Beach.  Even in the summer, the
Coronado Beach isn't crowded, giving your family plenty
of room to enjoy the splendors of one of California's
best beaches.

From the Glorietta Bay Inn in Coronado, you can take
a walking tour.  Tours leave several times a week,
showing you everything the area has to offer.  This is
a great way to learn more about the area.  Or, if you
like, you can let someone else do the driving and
try a pedicab tour.

For the romantic, the Gondola Cruise helps to take the
pressure out of life.  A romantic spin through the
canals of Coronado Cays can be quite the break from
the ordinary.

You can reach Coronado Island from San Diego by taking
the Coronado Bay Bridge exit off I-5.  By water from
San Diego, you can take the Coronado Ferry that runs
hourly from 9 AM - 10 PM.  Walking from the Ferry
Landing to Hotel Del Coronado is a little over a mile.

Belmont Park In San Diego

Located in sunny San Diego, the Belmont Park is one
of the best amusement parks in San Diego.  With plenty
for the entire family, this Park has something for
everyone.  With rides for the entire family and basically
everything in between, Belmont Park makes for a very
exciting adventure.

The most distinctive attraction in the Park is the Giant
Dipper Roller Coaster.  The coaster was built in 1925 and
has been restored over the years.  This coaster is truly
one of a kind, as it offers quick drops, steep hills,
and insane speed!

Belmont Park in San Diego also offers the endless wave,
which is perfect for wave riders.  The Flowrider offers
hourly rides, even lessons for beginners.  If waves
aren't your sort of thing, you may find the raceway bumper
cars or the Chaos enticing.  Chaos resembles a ferris
wheel, although it creates a random three dimensional
rocking and rolling.  Anytime you get on it, no two rides
are every the same!

For arcade enthusiasts, there is a family fun arcade and
gamelords.  This creates the ultimate gaming experience,
keeping kids, teenagers, and even adults occupied for
hours on end.

Other rides at the park include the Vertical plunge, krazy
kars, and the infamous "plunge".  The plunge is a great
attraction, and actually happens to be the largest indoor
heated pool in San Diego.  Perfect for swimming, diving,
and just enjoying yourself, the plunge is a blast.

To feel the sensation, the Crazy Submarine and the
Trampoline can help you.  To truly test your limits, the
Rock Wall will offer a unique challenge.  Anyone wanting
to give it a try, can get to climbing the wall and see if
they truly have what it takes to get to the top.

Once you've had your fill on rides, there are plenty of
other entertainment and events to keep you occupied.  In
Belmont Park, there is always something going on.  With
San Diego being a tourist attraction, you can bet the
entertainment in Belmont Park is nothing short of

For the kids, Belmont Park offers some truly unbeatable
deals on birthday parties or private parties.  If you
decide to have a party here, you can pretty much rent a
chunk of the park for yourself.  For kids, this can truly
be an unforgettable memory.

Closed Monday - Thursday, Belmont Park is open Friday and
Saturday 11 AM - 10 PM and Sunday 11 AM - 8 PM.  Although
the park is closed on major holidays, you can visit on
the weekends and enjoy the best in entertainment.

To round out your fun, make sure you do a little shopping
and take in some of the food.  Belmont Park in San Diego
has great food and shopping, giving you more than a few
reasons to visit the park and be amazed - truly amazed.

Paris Vacations

How to plan a vacation to Paris

When planning a vacation to Paris you want to consider activities, entertainment, meals, flight, and so on. Paris has a wide array of choices from sporting events to entertainment. No matter what you enjoy, you have options in Paris.

One thing you want to keep in mind while vacationing to Paris, i.e. in the country, there are many pickpockets on the street. Therefore, you want to plan to protect your belongings. If someone approaches you, make sure that you take measures to protect yourself, especially if the person is trying to get something from you.

In Paris, many people are staying at apartments. The hotels are nice, yet the apartments are cheaper. The apartments add extra living space while vacationing in Paris. Some of the apartments in Paris are on islands. Some of the areas are ancient neighboring environments stretched over the beautiful Seine River.

You can plan a stay at the apartments near the St. Martin Canal. The hole is conveniently located in central areas around Paris. Some of the apartments have Internet connection, which is ideal for writers, business personnel, and so on.

If you prefer to stay at a hotel then check out the list online. You have a wide array of hotels to choose.

How to choose passes in Paris:
If your purchase passes before you leave for vacation, you will save money. The passes include the Roissy Bus, which costs only $10. You can use this bus to travel to Paris’s popular airports, such as the Gaulle. In addition, you can purchase museum passes. The passes include transportation in some instances. If you purchase the passes in Paris, you will need to consider exchange rates. Online however, you can find the passes for the same amount you would spend in Paris.

If you intend to visit museums in Paris, you can find two day passes. The passes will take you to la Carte and to many monuments and museums in Paris. You are taking straight to the destination. The price of the passes is $40. Paris monuments and museums however allow children under eighteen free passes. If you are on a budget, you may want to get a three-day pass, which you will travel on the metro bus. The pass gives you limitless travel up to three days. The passes cost $13 for children ages 11 and below.

When choosing places to stay in Paris, be sure you research the market. Hotels and apartments are available for vacationers. The downside is many rooms cost $100 and up per night. Online you will find discounts, coupons, and packages that give you a break.

If you plan to stay a few days in Paris, you may want to check out the travel packages, vacation packages, promotional packages, or other packages online.

You will find better deals by choosing the packages. The downside if you prefer to visit Paris without a tour guide, then forgets your plans. The packages have tour guides that take you to Paris’s main attractions. If you don’t mind tour guides then the packages is the way to go.

Packages often include flight, activities, entertainment, etc. You also get discounts on meals. Some packages include coupons for meals. If you choose cruise packages, all your items are paid with the package. Meals may or may not be included. Cruises are nice, since you board some of Paris’s most beautiful liners, which carry you across the fabulous shores of Paris.

To learn more about packages, planning, and more check out the many web sites online where you will find coupons, promotions, discounts, sales and more.

Picking the Hot Museums to Visit In Paris

How to choose museums

Choosing museums to visit in Paris is not an easy task. Perhaps you want to go online to find day passes, which these passes will take you to and from many of Paris’s museums. Paris has scores of museums. At the museums, you have science, arts, learning centers, military, and so on. To choose museums we can consider a few details. Do you intend to take the children to Paris with you?

How to choose children museums in Paris:
Musée de la Poupee is a children’s museum you may like. Even if you do not have children, you may enjoy the cluster of beautiful dolls on the displays. The dolls will take you back to the day when life was filled with men and women dressed in traditional attire. During certain months at this museum, Paris gives a Quel Spectacle show. The staff uses the dolls to deliver themed arts show. Inside the museum, you will enjoy fashions, dolls, textile, arts, decorative exhibits and more. Check the Internet for details on dates, times, location and more.

Opéra Bastille is not your average museum, yet you may enjoy visiting this remarkable opera house. If you enjoy ballet, you must visit the Opéra Bastille. Opéra Bastille is seated at Paris’s Place de la Bastille.

Musée du Louvre is another of Paris’s nice museums where you will enjoy Antiquities from Egypt, Roman, Etruscan, Greek, Eastern Antiques, Islamic Fine arts, décor arts, sculptures, drawings, prints, paintings, and more.

Notre-Dame de Paris ET Son Tresor is Paris’s clone towers. The building was sculpted to fit cathedral and gothic nineteenth century history of Paris. The building alone is something to see.

When visiting museums in Paris, it is wise to go online and purchase passes. The passes will take you to more than 70 popular museums in Paris. You have free passes. Some passes will take you to Centre Pompidou, Musée du Louvre, Musée de Rodin, Arc de Triomphe, Musée national Picasso, Musée d ‘Orsay, and so on.

When you purchase passes, it gives you many benefits. You have over 50 or more museums to visit. In addition, you get discounts and coupons to eat at Paris’s restaurants, shop at the department stores, or visit the beautiful Lafayette Galleries.

If you purchase passes, also you will not have to wait in long lines to purchase tickets in Paris. The notion behind tickets is to make life easier on you.

How do I find passes?
You can go online to purchase passes. Online you will find a wide array of travel sites that offer you the opportunity to purchase your tickets.

The tickets are sent to your doorstep. Once you receive your tickets, carrying them on the plane to Paris and use them to visit the many museums in Paris.

The passes are nice, since you also get free transportation with the tickets. Some areas offer to travel you on Paris’s metro buses, which are open at hours that give you the choice of visiting the museums as you choose.

How much are the tickets?
It depends on where you purchase the passes. You can find passes for as low as 69 French dollars per couple. Children passes are 19 French dollars per two. When you purchase passes you, also receive discounts at Paris Cinemas, Hard Rock Cafés, Galleries, and so forth. Some passes offer you a buy one and get the next one free at certain locations.

To learn more about passes to Paris’s museums go online and check out the wide array of travel web sites.

Planning a Long Visit to Paris

When you plan a long stay in Paris for any length of time, you should look into a few things before getting started. You will find many things to do as the seasons change.

How to choose sports in Paris
Unbelievably Paris offers 360 different sports. You can check with your nearest travel agent and they can assist you in finding out what would best fit your wants before going.  There are many parks in different areas that a person and just go to relax as well as play some football or soccer. Perhaps you can have a picnic while your there. Swimming is a popular sport for fun as well as exercise, most hotels have swimming pools but you can also go to the many public pools and private owned ones too.

You can visit the stadium in Paris to enjoy your favorite sport. There is always something going on at a stadium to make give you a relaxing enjoying night out.

How to choose schools in Paris:
If you are planning to make your stay long term, so you can go to school that’s great.  Paris has 13 universities for you to choose from making Paris known as the European University Capital.  Over 300,000 students attend school each year. The King of France started the first school and academy in his palace the year of 800. He wanted everyone to have the chance of a lifetime to learn. During the months of September through November, the welcome center is open to help the students find housing, jobs, get bank accounts or whatever they may need for their long term stay.

How to find Gay spots in Paris:
Paris is open-minded for the Gay and Lesbian, letting these people be-their own person.  Dozens of bars, restaurants, hotels and many more things are open for them. Wherever you see a “rainbow flag,” it is for the gay and lesbian crowds. Join the association for gay and lesbian tourists, they provide a meeting point for groups on Saturday.  Find an apartment in the gay community and make your life a happy one on a day-to-day basis.  Check out the Gay travel agency where they have tours and events for everyone. Paris also provides clubs with the gay and lesbians in mind.

How to protect your belongings:
Safety is something everyone needs to be aware of. There are many pickpockets out there walking the streets so keep the wallets in your back pocket, make sure your bags are securely fastened. Hang onto those cell phones; everyone likes those free minutes. If someone should walk up and offer their services to you, make a visit to the official sales point to let it be known. The official sales point can give you information on safety a list of all the police stations as well.

When your choosing the season for your stay in Paris be sure to check with your nearest travel agent. The air is not of good quality and can cause your airways to plug up, you might experience difficulty breathing and it even causes the erosion of monuments.
Paris City is doing all they can to provide fresh air, which is polluted, caused from the surplus of traffic. Air is constantly being monitored; when the pollution is high, the media is alerted. Warnings are put out for the children, elderly, and pregnant women in mind.  When the pollution is high, all outdoors sports are canceled until it goes down. Although the air is generally good, the city is encouraging the people to use the public transport, cycling, and roller-blading more. This would cut down the pollution and make it safer for everyone.

Planning a Day of Learning in Paris

How to plan a day of learning:
When wanting to learn about the history of Paris there are a few things to do like maybe go to the local library or maybe your local travel agent can help. The Internet will help also. In the meantime, I will provide you a few basics to consider.

Hotels in Paris:
The first thing you want to do while in Paris is to enjoy a hardy breakfast. Most hotels in Paris serve healthy breakfast buffets and/or continental breakfast. Breakfast is the best way to start your day. If you prefer, you can also visit your choice of restaurants in Paris to enjoy a hardy breakfast.

Once you finish breakfast, if you haven’t already planned perhaps you and your family can sit down and discuss the day’s activities, entertainment and so on.

If you don’t want to drive, Paris has a selection of taxi services. You also can Hop On and Hop Off the bus. Perhaps you would enjoy a train ride. Paris offers you a choice of travel accommodations.

How to choose educational adventures in Paris:
Paris has a wide array of educational programs. Perhaps your children would enjoy a stroll through Triomphe Gardens followed by a visit to the Eiffel Towers. In addition, your children may enjoy visit a wide selection of landmarks in Paris. Perhaps the children would enjoy a visit at the Arc de Triomphe du Carrousel. The building was structured in Napoleon’s era in the eighteenth centuries. The building is designed of décor roses made of marble on columns of stretched landmarks with a front panel. The ceiling alone is 21 feet high; as well, another 9 feet of arches surround a 14 feet environment.

The Arc de Triomphe de l’Etoile is another area your children may enjoy. The monument surrounds the hills of Chaillot, which is at the center of the star-shaped configured 12 Redialing Avenue. The building is 162 feet. Soldiers were sheltered under this arch in the early 1900s.

On the banks of the Seine River located in Paris is the Eiffel Tower, which faces the river and the Palais de Chaillot. This monument sets the landmark of the 1930s. You have the world’s exhibition where the last regal Paris exhibition resided. This building is the landmark for Paris’s 2nd hugest empire. As mentioned, the Chaillot is a navy-based establishment where you will enjoy views of model ships that span down back to 300 years. The museum has an enjoyable fountain made of metal. The fountain is situated in the Palais Garden de Chaillot. Rollers prance about the fountain.

If you prefer, you can visit the Internet or your local travel agent to learn about other Paris attractions. If you choose to visit the Chaillot, you may also want to visit the Chapelle Notre-Dame de la Médaille Miraculeuse. (NOTE: The Chapel of Notre-Dame is marked as the Médaille known as (Flat metal pieces of various shapes, which were awarded during war for bravery) Miraculeuse in French means miracle. This landmark sets the true definition, since its original foundation marked the Holy Virgin. That is, the Virgin visited Catherine Labouré. She visited this famous woman in Rue du Bac. During the 18th centuries, the Virgin handed Catherine a Miraculeuse medal. Today, millions of pilgrims visit the establishment where celebrations of fervent memorials are held.

When planning a visit to Paris make sure that you plan to save time. If you know where you want to visit, it will help you maneuver around one of the largest City’s in the world. Paris has many attractions, entertainment, sites, and more for your convenience.

Relaxing in Paris

How to choose relaxing areas:
Some of us prefer to leave our hometown to relax in distant areas where no one knows us. Rather than roaming, the streets in foreign countries, or sightseeing some of use prefer to relax in a nice hotel.

Well it can happen in Paris. You can relax and enjoy a nice dinner. In addition, if you feel like visiting a club, Paris has a wide array of bars to choose from, including the English pub. At the pub, you can relax on deep red velvety sofas. If you plan to stay a few days in Paris, perhaps you would enjoy a meal on the roof of Raphael hotel. The La Salle managers will make sure that you enjoy a relaxing meal at the Jardin Plein Ciel. You will enjoy a panoramic view of the famous Eiffel Tower. The Arc de Triomphe is also in view as well as the Sacre-Coeur. Raphael has bedroom and suites designed in a French artistic environment.

The spacious hotel has a variety of wall hangings or tapestries and decors. The furnishings are endowed and are offset by bravura carpeting. Your room offers you the luxury and relaxation you deserve. The bathrooms are roomy, which you can enjoy a shower combined with a massaging spray. The hotel gives you complimentary hairdryer. In addition, you can adjust the light to fit your mood. If you feel a need to work those muscles, perhaps you would enjoy a trip to the fitness center.

When you feel a mood to intermingle perhaps, you would enjoy walking around the area of the hotel to visit the Champs-Elysees and other up roaring areas around the city. The Arc de Triomphe is also in the vicinity.

The Raphael is a deluxe hotel. This hotel offers you a surprising Parisian twist. The glamorous hotel has a remarkable profile. The hotel has housed people internationally after its change into a discreetly refuge of charm. This hotel was built in the mid 1920s. Its well-to-do structure has made the landmark of the globe’s literature.

Within the hotel, you will get pleasure from the history of politics, music and cinemas. The hotel carries the voices of Katherine Hepburn, Brando, Jack Kennedy, Gainsbourg and more. You will also enjoy the lobby in the hotel where galleries of wood and panel is filled with paintings from the famous. Turner’s paintings is just one of the nice paintings you will enjoy.

In the hotel room, you will enjoy air-condition environments. The hotel rooms have satellite and cable television, clock, radio, hairdryer, data port, High-Speed Access, in-room safety box, climate control, mini bar, in-house Pay Per Movie, phone and a private bathroom.

The hotel has a huge lobby. You have 24-hour Porterage, lift, room service, sauna, car rental, babysitter, laundry, and room for the handicap. When you want to relax, it is nice to know that you can soothe your muscles in a sauna.

As you can see this hotel offers you a wide array of relaxing convenience. You have a mini bar inside your room with radio and television to keep you company. Your room will offer you a wide array of space as well as accommodations to meet your every need. While in your room you can enjoy surfing the Internet. In addition, you have WIFI available. The rooms are decorated in French lavishing styles and offer you a peace, calming place to stay.

To learn more about choosing relaxation in Paris visit your local travel agent, or go online and check out the wide array of sites available to you. Relax those nerves!

Samothrace Trips to Paris

How to choose your time wisely at Samothrace:
Samotrace is the area of France’s victory. Throughout this island lies the history of Northern Aegean Sea, where circa rest near 200 BC. Upon this monument is the beautiful Nike Angel, the goddess of the Greeks who is popular for her large wings.  Samothrace was lifted on to the islet, which it now rests at the forte that overlooks the Eminent Gods asylum. The sea is the main attraction, which Paris today still celebrates it arrival and history. Over the Galley, you will notice the goddess standing at the prow. The goddess resists the blustery tempests as you hold her arm up far above the ground. In BC during the second century, the history is memorable, since Paris has carved in stone, the memories of Rhodian. This is the regulated govern that set the mark for course plotting through the Byzantine Territory. The laws are outlined on sculptures, which pronounce the Justinian Codes of the antediluvian nautical laws in the Rhodes of the Sea Law of Rhodian. The laws focus on cargo. Rhodian sets the attitude for dynamic hangings that are foreshadowed on the Pergamum alter for liberation.

In this area is the Cyclade Islands where the Venus de Milo once visited in the BC era. The island has a cluster of islands. The Greek Islands consume 200 or more south islands around Aegean Sea. The Venus statue rests on one of these islands. This goddess marked the Aphrodite, representing the sea, nudity, Amphitrite, and Melos respected islands.

Amphitrite is the sea-goddess from the distant Greeks. This myth woman became a companion to the Poseidon. In addition, she became friends with Neptune’s wife. Melos is the Greek Islands through Cyclade. The island makes up 23-kilometers of engaging space. The island has a total room space at 58 square feet. Venus the sea-goddess walked this island, which today her memories rest at the Louvre Museum in Paris. Venus settled at this island in BC (1550) with the Phylakopi. Before this time, Dorian settlers destroyed the area. Athens again conquered the Island during the 400 BC era. All males at this time where annihilated. The island became a middle-of-the-road region during the war Peloponnesian. The native Lysanders’ gave the island hope, as it was reinstated. In time the island, become the rule from Crusaders who fashioned segments of the Naxos duchy.

When choosing to visit Samotrace plan a day of learning and enjoying the sea. If you plan to visit Paris, France, perhaps you may want to choose the tour guide packages. Some of the packages offer you a trip around the island, as well as tours through some of Paris’s top attraction areas. Few of the tour guide packages offer you a trip to Champs-Elysees, Sacred Heart at the Vendome Square Montemartre and the Place du Tertre. You also get a chance to visit the Arc de Triomphe, Trocaedero, the famous Eiffel Tower, and more. Most tour guiders will pick you up at your downtown hotel, escort you to various areas around the town and bring you back to your room once the tour has finished. You have a leisure tour, which takes you through the best areas around Paris. The bus will pick you up. The tour guide will tell you about Paris’s history while you take in the beautiful surroundings on tour.

Online you will find a wide array of tour packages to Paris. We encourage you to shop around, since some areas online are offering up to 75% off the packages. What a remarkable deal.

Sky Traveling through Paris

How to travel Paris with wings:

Visiting Paris with wings is easy. You can take a flight over the Seine River without boarding a plane. Just go up to the rooftop of one of Paris’s finest hotels and enjoy a meal while you soar over the views across the country. Paris hotels have casinos and rooms available, as well as a wide array of fine restaurants and shops. If you want to enjoy the finest cultures of the Parisian while spreading, your wings visit the lovely Amarante Hotel Champs-Elysées. The hotel is a mansion styled to fit Hausmann. This fabulous hotel has a boutique of stores within walking distance. In the 8th district of Paris, you will enjoy exclusive 19th century styles. In addition, inside the hotel you will enjoy fabulous rooftop views along with Hi-FI, mini-bar, High-Speed Internet, and more. This hotel even provides you some of the most fashionable cosmetics.

Hotels that gives you wings:
The hotel accommodates you with conference rooms’ idea for business houseguests. You will enjoy cocktail bars, shops where cakes and pastries will delight your taste buds (Patisserie), marbled texture, fireplace, and more. On the rooftop, you have privacy, which takes you through the terrace of a beautiful mansion over to the luxurious gardens. You have a choice of activities, point of meeting and point of interest to consider while visiting the lovely hotel. The hotel is near Place du Trocadéro, Arc de Triomphe, Lido de Paris and the beautiful Musée de la mode. Place du Trocadéro set the landmark for the troops in French. This name came into existence when the Battle started in the southern areas of Spain. The French military troops took over this citadel, which closed the ordeal in the mid 1960s. Accordingly, Place du Trocadéro was honored.

How do I choose water adventures in Paris?
Paris offers you a boat ride down through the Seine River where you will stop to visit Passer Elle des Arts. If you are on a romantic vacation, this stop will ignite your lover’s fire. You will meet at Lover’s lane. The entire area is well lit and provides you and your lover an amazing view. You are near the Eiffel Tower in this area as well where musical voices will ignite your lover and your fire as well. As you channel down the river you will be amazed at the 30 feet below the street water level as well. The river is ruled with stonewalls, which grow ivy vines. Iron rings hang on these walls, which signify the folklores of the past. Along the riverbanks, you will enjoy lines of shrubs and trees as you pass under bridges. In the area, you will enjoy riverboats traveling between the ancient buildings. You will have sprinkle of gardens, interchanging colors and more as you enjoy your sail.

Sky Panorama Views of Paris:
If you want a nice sky Panorama view of Paris visit the beautiful Rue Monsieur. This fabulous arena gives you the option of taking the pulley to the top roof area. On the terrace, you will enjoy an amazing view of the Eiffel Tower. If you are romancing your mate, take him or her up at sunset.

Various hotels, restaurants and attractions in Paris have rooftop views. If you want to take a sky panorama view without boarding a plane, then check out the many areas around Paris that offers you rooftop connections to Paris, France.

If you haven’t booked your flight to Paris, now is the time to get started since online the web owners are passing deals to galore.

Taking a Romantic Cruise to Paris

When you want something to do, and want to get away so that you and your loved one can be alone, why not go on a cruise in Paris. The Cruises in Paris include the lovely glass ships. Aboard the ship, you will enjoy nature at its best, as well as fine wine and dining.

You can enjoy a romantic cruise for the two of you. In addition, you will have no one bugging you, or calling you into work. Enjoy peace and tranquility on your Paris cruises.

How do I choose cruises in Paris?
Paris has a cruise heading to Bateaux Parisians. It is a cruise for two. The transportation incorporated in this package will pick you up at your hotel so you will not have to stress out. Once aboard the ship you will enjoy a wonderful time at the banks of Seine River. The dinner cruise designed to ignite romance will take you through a magical adventure. You will have four wonderful hours to spend together, doing nothing but enjoying the magical cruise aboard Paris's beautiful cruise liner.

Tell me more about the Paris Cruise:
You will start on the left side of the riverbank at the Seine River. You will start at the Eiffel Tower and while on the cruise you will see the, wonderful areas of Paris at it best. While cruising you will enjoy Paris's cool lit up towers, buildings, streets and so forth. As you cruise on this glass boat you will be entertained by some of the finest musicians that Paris can offer you, a solo violinist, and the wonderful female singer. The glass boat gives you the opportunity to view the cool waters in Paris, enjoying the underwater life.

You will also pass by the Notre-Dame, the Louver Rose, and you will pass under some of Paris's wonderful bridges. When you board this ship, the best hosts living in Paris will host you. The host will seat you around round tables, placing you in front of the ship. This is where you will be served the best wine and champagne.

What happens at the end of the cruise?
At the end of your Romantic cruise, you will escape in to the Lido show on the Champe Elysees. Here everyone will have a great time. As soon as you walk in everyone is given a half bottle of champagne. Do not worry, since you have ride back to your hotel. So, have a great time.

How will I get back to the hotel?
You will be transported back to your hotel. The same procedure as you was taken to the cruise. The transporters will pick you up, so you do not have to worry.

If you want to visit downtown Paris after your cruise, you may want to enjoy a romantic ride on a horse and carriage. Paris offers you a wide array of transportation; yet to keep that romantic mood, try the horse and carriage ride from dusk to dark.

Once you arrive back to your hotel you will be able to relax in the hot tub with the one you love. Don't forget the candles they will enlighten you evening to the max. You might also want to put on some light music. Maybe dance a little before bed. However, you decide, I am sure you will have a wonder evening. Remember the night is yours and your loved one's to show each other the special feeling you have for each other. Therefore, make sure you turn off your cell phone. Good luck and have fun.

Heading to Rom e Paris

How to travel cheap

Online you will find a wide array of travel, discount, promotional, group, or other packages to suit your needs. The Internet has amazing offers. For instance, you can purchase a package kit to Rome Paris for as little as $819.

For this price, you will enjoy spending a staggering time on a lovely journey discovering one of the globes most popular areas in the universe. On the first day you will enjoy touring throughout Paris visiting the many department stores, nightspots, pubs, diners, cafés and more. Throughout the city, you will enjoy glamorous adventures as the town lures you into adventure and romance combined. Paris is the romantic capital in the world that takes you to the trendy tourist attractions throughout the lovely city of Paris.

On the trip, you will enjoy a visit to the lovely Eiffel Tower. The Eiffel Tower is Paris’s Iron Tower Loom. The Tower was put together on the riverbanks of Seine. The Tower stretches from Champ de Mars and onto the lovely areas around Rome. This building is the tallest composition in the city of Paris. Gustave Eiffel is the man that set out to build the Eiffel Tower. This is one of Paris’s most toured structures.

Once you finish your visit at the Eiffel Tower, you will enjoy a trip to the lovely Cathedral Notre-Dame. The place of worship was ensued by the Romanesque, which is the style and architecture of the southern and western Europe throughout the 9th century and the 12th century. As well, the Gallo-Roman Holy Place that extended to Jupiter caused Paris to proceed in building the Notre-Dame.

The Romans built the temple, designing it with many views in mind. The windows were structured, as well as the doors were structured as archways. Arcades groin vaults, aisles, galleries, etc, make up this lovely cathedral environment.

After visiting the Notre-Dame, you will take a trip to Louvre. Throughout Louvre, you will stagger through the streets enjoying stylish fabrications of restaurants, cafés and shopping arenas. Louvre also houses Paris’s popular museum of arts. This is the world’s largest establishment built in 1793. The former Regal Palace attracts millions of tourists around the world annually. The oldest art gallery enables you to enjoy a wide array of notorious arts throughout the gallery. You will enjoy prestigious arts created by Venus de Milo, Leonardo da Vinci, the lovely Mona Lisa, and more.

Once you leave Paris you will board your flight and take a hike over to Rome. In Rome, you will release your wings and enjoy the lovely Eternal City. Throughout the city, you will take delight in Italy cultures. NOTE: Eternal City is Jerusalem and the Headquarters of Italy. Rome is the home of the Roman Catholic Pope. Throughout this area is an amazing history. The region in this, surroundings will take you through Latium as you cross on to the convergence of Aniene and Tiber River. At one time, this area was Roman Empires capital and was deemed the most hugest, powerful and standing western civil empire.

On your journey, you will enjoy Colosseum of the famous ancient amphitheatre in the area of Rome. As you pass through the city, you will enjoy a view of the Fountain of Trevi. Traveling to Rome puts you in loop of Italy and France combined. You will enjoy many cultures on your vacation to Paris Rome.

Rome is Paris’s most popular touring arena, which the area will captivate you and take you back into the day’s of Roman Cathedral Empire. To learn more about packages to Paris and Rome go online now.

Planning Family Enjoyment in Paris

When planning a family vacation it is best to look around to learn your choices. Paris has a wide array of family adventurous sites. Some of the favorite sites around Paris include La Carabasse, Le Lac des Reves, La Reserve, and so on.

The beautiful la Carabasse is an outstanding area to take your family in France. This stunning park will take you through fantastic adventures while you enjoy a wide array of entertainment, activities and more. At the park, you will enjoy fly diving, music, and so on. The park has a wide array of water activities, including waterslides, water chute, and wave ride, aquafit, pools, beach clubs, and more. You also have a wide array of sporting events and leisure activities, which include boules, volleyball, tennis, aerobics, table pool and tennis, football, archeries, and more. Video game areas are available as well. In the park, your children will enjoy the famous clubs while you enjoy food and drinks, etc. The Archipel is the local bar open through June. Atoll is the bar and restaurant. You have FREE BBQs, the beach club La Carabasse, restaurant inside, pizza rooms and more to enjoy. Supermarket with bakery and carryout is available as well.

Other facilities near this park include the Bazaar. You have a car wash, safety box, information center, tents, laundry, and more. If you want additional action, head down the way a bit and enjoy horse rides, zoos, donut/banana rides, markets, water skiing, sailing, golf, casinos, bike rides, wind surfing, canals, funfairs, pedalo, parasailing and more. Dinghy, canoes, etc are available as well.

Another or Paris’s main attractions is the lovely le lac des reves. This park is great for the entire family. Your children will have a wonderful time enjoying waterslides, water chutes, pools, aquafit, and more. The children are safe, since lifeguards monitor the waters during opening hours.

At the park, parents may enjoy tennis, action packs, boules, pool and tennis tables, football, crazy golf, volleyball, aerobics, and more. Fellers you may enjoy the Big Screen TV where games are played on Satellite. The children may enjoy video games and board games, or visits to the clubs.

The park offers entertainment, which includes disco, bars, Internet access, markets, and more. You can ride bikes, golf, sail, wind surf, scuba dive, bowl, fish, go-kart, ice skate, quad bike, horse ride, and more down the road.

The La Reserve has a beach near its locale. You have a selection of water activities, sports, leisure and more to choose. At the park, you will enjoy wave rides, waterslides, water chutes, spas, water cascades, pools, and more. The park makes it convenient for you to enjoy tennis, pool games, windsurfing, water ski, video games, football, golf, bikes, archeries, fishing, board games, sailing, canoeing, and more. You can take Dinghy lesions and sailing lesions at this park. Children will enjoy clubs designed to keep them laughing. At the park, you have access to FREE BBQs, bars, restaurants, beach, supermarkets, carryout, and more. Around the area aer boats, boutiques, information center, laundry, and so on. You can rent tents as well. Down the way, you can enjoy disco, surfing, go-karts, bike quads, golf, horse rides and more.

Paris’s La Pignade park has a wide array of activities, entertainment and more to support your needs as well. AT this park, you will enjoy bathing in the sun along the pools, sliding down waterslides, dipping in heated pools, or playing water games in the pools. You can also enjoy the well-known splash zone.

Top Rated Gulf Resorts in Mexico

Mexico is most often well-known for its amazing beaches.  Each year, millions of tourists flock to Mexico in hopes of vacationing on some the “hottest,” beaches in the world.  While most tourists are vacationing at overcrowded beaches, you could be enjoying your vacation at a Mexico golf resort.

As with all other popular vacation destinations, Mexico has a large number of golf resorts to choose from.  In fact, there are so many golf resorts to choose from that you may be wondering exactly how you will be able to narrow down your search.  Your first step should be to examine some of the most well-known golf resorts in the area.  Below is an overview of five top rated golf resorts that you can find in Mexico.

(1)  The Isla Navidad Golf Course, Marina and Resort is not only one of the most popular golf resorts in Mexico, it is one of the most popular and top rated beach resorts. The resort is located in Manazanillo. What is most attractive about the Isla Navidad Golf Course, Marina and Resort is that it is as secluded as you can get in Mexico.

The Isla Navidad Golf Course, Marina, and Resort offers an unlimited nubmer of activities that are geared towards the mature crowd.  Popular activities, aside from golfing, include boating, swimming, playing tennis, and more.  The Isla Navidad Golf Course, Marina, and Resort is an ideal vacation destination for those who love golf and even for those who don’t.

(2)  The Casa del Mar Golf Resort and Spa is located in Cabo San Lucas.  Despite being a small golf resort, it is one of the most popular in all of Mexico.  The small resort setting often makes it a popular vacation destination for those who are looking for privacy.

The Casa del Mar Golf Resort is most famously known for their Robert Trent Jones golf course. In addition to their well-known golf course, additional facilities include beaches, spas, beauty salons, pools, and tennis courts.  As with most other golf resorts in Mexico, the Casa del Mar Golf Course caters to those who enjoy golfing and those who would rather be relaxing along the beach.

(3)  The Westin Regina Golf Course and Beach Resort is located in Los Cobas.  This modern resort offers a large number of activities and attractions to visitors. Of course, they are well-known for their golf course packages, but you are likely to find onsite activities for those who would rather be spending their time off the golf course.

As with most other golf courses and beach resorts, the Westin Regina Golf Course and Beach Resort offers traditional beach activities.  These activities include sunbathing, swimming, and boating.  In addition to beach activities, the Westin Regina Golf Course and Beach Resort is well-known for its horseback riding adventures.

(4)  The Melia Cabo Real Beach and Golf Resort is located in Los Cabos.  Vacationers looking for a popular golf resort should examine this one.  It is known as one of the largest golf resorts Mexico. The onsite golf courses are well-known because they were developed by two of the most popular golfers in the history of the sport.

Vacationers, who are interested in spending time away from the onsite golf courses, have a nubmer of options. Being right by the shoreline, the Melia Cabo Real Beach and Golf Resort is perfect for those who wish to spend their vacation relaxing by the beach. Popular beach activities include snorkeling, swimming, and sunbathing.

(5)  The Avandaro Golf and Spa Resort is located in Valle de Bravo.  Unlike the above mentioned golf resorts, the Avandaro Golf and Spa Resort is not located along the beach. Instead it is in the Sierra Madre Mountains. While vacationing at the resort, private cabin rentals or hotel accommodations are available.

In addition to onsite and nearby golf accommodations, the Avandaro Golf and Spa Resort is most well-known for its unbeatable spa treatments.  Onsite swimming pools and tennis courts also make the Avandaro Golf Resort and Spa ideal for all who are vacationing in Mexico.

The above mentioned golf resorts are just a few of the many that can be found in or around Mexico.  To select the perfect golf resort you are encouraged to consider what you want out of your trip to Mexico and what the others traveling with you want. Searching for golf resort destinations based on your needs is the best way to ensure you get everything you deserve out of your Mexico vacation.

Top Rated All-Include Mexico Resorts

Mexico is often referred to as a vacation “hotspot.”  The popularity of Mexico has led to an increase in the amount of tourists that visit the area.  To cater to tourists, of all financial standings, a number of popular resorts have developed all-inclusive vacation packages.  

Each year, more Mexico resorts make the decision to develop all-inclusive packages. For many, these packages are a great way to save money.  If you are interested in saving money while vacationing in Mexico, you may want to consider staying at an all-inclusive Mexico resort. Below is a summary of five of the most popular and top rated resorts.

(1)  The Moon Palace Resort is located in Cancun. This all-inclusive resort is owned and operated by Palace Resorts, which operates multiple resorts throughout the Cancun area.  Upscale hotel accommodations are ideal for those planning a business trip or a romantic getaway.

While the upscale hotel accommodations may leave you feeling like the resort is only for those without children, it is not.  The Moon Palace resort is open to adults and children, of all ages.  Popular onsite activities include swimming, golfing, exercising, drinking, and socializing.  Whether you are taking a romantic vacation, a family vacation, or you are on your honeymoon, the Moon Palace will be able to accommodate you.

(2)  The Sunscape Tulum Riviera Maya all-inclusive resort is located in the Maya Rivera. The resort is said to be one of the most beautiful resorts in all of Mexico.  Unlike many resorts that have limited hours on the use of all-inclusive purchases, the Sunscape Tulum Riviera Maya does not. Most onsite facilities are open all day and night.

If you are interested in scheduling a romantic vacation then the Sunscape Tulum Riviera Maya may be just what you are looking for.  The coastal views, obtainable from most rooms, create an exotic and romantic environment.  In addition to romantic adventures, the Sunscape Tulum Riviera Maya is also an ideal location for family vacations. There is no age limit in place and a large number of “kid friendly,” activities and facilities can be found nearby.

(3)  The Dreams Puerto Vallarta Resort and Spa is located in Puerto Vallarta. This all-inclusive resort is located on the coast of the Pacific Ocean.  As with many beachside resorts, the Dreams Puerto Vallarta Resort and Spa is ideal for romantic getaways and family vacations.

If you are interested in booking at stay at this all-inclusive resort, you will find a number of onsite activities and facilities that make your vacation enjoyable. Amazing restaurants, a fitness center, a spa, and kid-focused facilities are open for daily and sometimes nighttime use.  Located within a short distance from the local airport, you may find yourself not needing to travel anywhere else.

(4)  Secrets Excellence Rivera Cancun is located in Cancun.  Unlike the above mentioned resorts, this all-inclusive resort has an adults only policy.  With beautiful costal scenery and the lack of children, Secrets Excellence Rivera Cancun is known as one of the best places to schedule your next romantic getaway.

Located close to the beach, Secrets Excellence Rivera Cancun offers a wide range of beach activities.  Popular activities include swimming, boating, snorkeling, or scuba diving. Elegant and romantic dining restaurants and bars, along with a spa, can be found onsite.  For an exciting, yet romantic getaway, Secrets Excellence Rivera Cancun may have everything that you need and want to get out of your Mexico vacation.

(5)  The Adventure Spa Palace Resort is located along the Riviera Maya.  This all-inclusive resort is ideal for those wishing to experience a romantic vacation in Mexico.  As with the Secrets Excellence Rivera, the Adventure Spa Palace Resort only caters to those that are adults.  To vacation at this popular resort, you must be at least eighteen years of age.

The atmosphere created at the Adventure Spa Palace is something that many can only imagine. All rooms have a view of the ocean and in room Jacuzzis make the Adventure Spa Palace one of the most sought after resorts in the area.  Dining in upscale restaurants, relaxing by the beach, or snorkeling tours are enjoyed by many.

The above mentioned all-inclusive vacation resorts are just a few of the many that can be found in Mexico.  Each resort is likely to have different rules and restrictions in place.  To make the most out of your all-inclusive vacation, you are encouraged to research these rules and restrictions before you make your reservations.

Top Rated Mexico Beach Resorts

Are you interested in planning your next vacation in Mexico?  If you are, you are not alone.  Each year, a large number of tourists make the decision to travel to Mexico.  Most are interested in vacationing at some of the most well-known beaches in the world.

While Mexico is home to a number of well-known beaches, there are many individuals who are unsure which beach they should visit.  If you are interesting in scheduling a beach vacation, the best way to choose a destination isn’t by beaches, but by beach resorts. Beach resorts typically offer overnight hotel accommodations and private beaches. Below is an overview of five of the most popular beach resorts found in Mexico.

(1)  Le Meridien Cancun Resort and Spa is one of the most popular beach resorts in all of Mexico.  Le Meridien Cancun Resort and Spa is located in Cancun.  The resort differs from other resorts in that it does not have a Mexican theme.  Instead, the theme is French.

If you are interested in vacationing at the Le Meridien Cancun Resort and Spa, you will find a wide range of on and offshore activities. Popular resort activities include swimming, golfing, and beaching.  The onsite spa is ideal for travelers who just want to pamper themselves.

(2)  La Jolla de Mismaloya is located in Puerto Vallarta.  Similar to the above mentioned Cancun resort, La Jolla Mismaloya has a French theme.  La Jolla de Mismaloya is most well-known for being a resort that caters to children of all ages.

The resort is popular for its beachfront activities. These activities may include relaxing by the spa, swimming, or boating.  As with most other beach resorts, La Jolla de Mismaloya has an unlimited number of activities that are geared towards adventure lovers. These activities often included guided tours that require horseback riding, kayaking, hiking, or biking.

(3)  The Fiesta Americana Grand Coral Beach is located in Cancun.  It is known as one of the most top rated beach resorts in the Cancun area.  The resort’s topnotch service is often hard to find at other area resorts.

Aside from traditional beach activities, the Fiesta Americana Grand Coral Beach is most well-known for its amazing, unique, and exciting adventures.  These adventures often include snorkeling, scuba diving, boat tours, sailing, and jet skiing.

(4)  The Fairmont Acapulco Princess is located in Acapulco. The Acapulco area is most well-known for its wide range of landscape sceneries. Beaches, jungles, and deserts are all located within a sort distance of each other in the Acapulco area.

The Fairmont Acapulco Princess is most known for its unique, but intriguing structural designs. The hotel is stocked with modern accommodations, but the structural designs of the hotel takes you back into time.  Onsite resort facilities include multiple pools, multiple tennis courts, a day spa, fitness center, and shopping center.

(5)  The Westin Regina Beach Resort is located in Puerto Vallarta.  While the resort is most known for its golf accommodations, the beach area is just as spectacular.

Aside from a golf course, onsite facilities include swimming pools, tennis courts, and amazing restaurants.  If you are looking for an adventure on or under the water, the Westin Regina Beach Resort may have just what you are looking for.  Popular water activities include swimming, boating, fishing, snorkeling, and scuba diving.

The above mentioned beach resorts are just a few of the many that can be found in Mexico.  With so many beach resorts to choose from, you may find it difficult or impossible to choose.  You may want to consider obtaining feedback from friends, family members, or coworkers who recently vacationed at a Mexico beach resort.  In addition to asking those that you know, you can easily read online reviews posted by travelers.

While examining and researching multiple resorts may seem like a time consuming process, you may find that it will payoff in the end.  Taking the time to select the perfect beach resort in Mexico is the best way to ensure that you will enjoy your Mexico vacation.

Top Tourist Sites in Mexico

The allure of Mexico has an appeal that crosses countries and borders.  Mexico is well-known for its fabulous resorts and luxurious beaches.  From white sand beaches to the mountains, Mexico is host to a wide range of natural wonders and breathtaking sights.  Mayan ruins, mountains, volcanoes, and a wide collection of tropical fish and sea life can be found in Mexico.  Mexico is home to some of the world’s top tourist attractions.  Of these destinations, the top five Mexican tourist sites include Acapulco, Cancun, Puerto Vallarta, Mazatlan, and Cozumel.

Acapulco is rated as one of the top tourists attractions in Mexico.  It is also considered Mexico’s largest beach resort.  It is home to some of the world’s finest hotels, as well as many beautiful beaches.  Acapulco offers a wide range of activities such as snorkeling, fishing, golf, tennis, and scuba diving.   Boats trips are regular features of a trip to Acapulco.  Acapulco is also a great place for family vacations, as well as romantic getaways.  Many all-inclusive packages offer fun filled activities for couples and families, but at a descent price.

Cancun is one of the world’s most famous resort towns.  According to the town’s history, a computer selected its location when the Mexican government was looking for the perfect location to build its newest resort.  Since then, Cancun has grown into a large community and one of the world’s most popular vacation destinations.  When looking for a vacation spot, many individuals automatically consider vacationing in Cancun.  Cancun is most known for its nightlife; however, that is not all that Cancun is about.  With nearby Mayan ruins, you can incorporate education into your vacation.  

Puerto Vallarta is another popular Mexico tourist attraction.  It is considered a tropical paradise. As with Cancun, there are a large number of local historical sites.  The Sierra Madre Mountains are home to a number of guided tours.   While on these tours, you can easily spot exotic wildlife.  Fishing and scuba diving are perfect daytime activities to engage in.  Puerto Vallarta is also known for its nightlife. There are many bars, nightclubs, and discos.  Another popular and great feature of Puerto Vallarta is the fine shopping experience.  You will likely enjoy shopping at many high scale boutiques.  

Mazatlan is famous as being one of the world’s greatest fishing ports.  The waters are known as being the perfect debt and temperature for fishing.   Some of the other popular activities available in and around Mazatlan include surfing, tennis, golf, and fishing.  It is also known for the malecón.  The malecón is a long winding stretch that runs through nearly the entire city and covers roughly five miles of beach.  Another great feature of Mazatlan is a celebration that is similar to Mardi Gras.  It is held before Ash Wednesday and lasts for five days.  This event often involves fireworks, parades, dancing, and music.  

Cozumel or the Coral Island is Mexico’s most populated island.  It is a popular attraction for who love to go snorkeling or scuba diving. This is due to the beautiful coral reefs that can be found underwater.  Cozumel is the ideal vacation destination for those who wish to see the ocean at its finest.
If you are interested in scheduling a vacation to Mexico, you will want to examine the top tourist sites mentioned above.  With an unlimited number of activities and unique events, you are sure to find what you are looking for in Mexico.

Travel Options While Vacationing in Mexico

Vacationing in Mexico is something that many individuals, families, and couples do.  If you are interested in or you are planning on visiting Mexico, you may have to find ways to travel.  Unless you are staying at a beach resort, spa resort, or golf resort, it is likely that you will want to get out and see everything that Mexico has to offer.  If you plan on traveling while on vacation in Mexico, you have a number of different options.

Perhaps, the most preferred method of travel is driving.  Most individuals fly into Mexico; however, some drive.  If you drive into Mexico, it is likely that you would want to use you own car to travel.  Driving in Mexico is not as hard as many people expect. The main thing that you need to be concerned with is the documents and insurance that is needed to drive in Mexico.

If you are planning on using your car to travel in or around Mexico, you will have to file for a vehicle import permit.  These permits can be obtained before you leave for Mexico or your can obtain them as soon as you arrive.  Vehicle import permits are important because without one you could be incarcerated, fined, or have your vehicle impounded.

In addition in acquiring a vehicle import permit, you will also need to have car insurance.  Unfortunately, too many individuals believe that their current car insurance policy will cover their Mexico vacation.  In most cases, this is not true. To obtain car insurance while in Mexico, you will have to find a Mexican auto insurance company or one that operates on an international level. When first scheduling your Mexico vacation, it is advised that you obtain auto insurance for your trip.

As previously mentioned, not all travelers enter Mexico by driving themselves. If you choose to fly into Mexico, you can still use road travel to get around.  A large number of tourist make the decision to rent a car.  In Mexico, car rentals are a cheap and fairly easy way to travel.

Similar to car rental policies in the Untied States, you must be at least twenty-five years old to rent a vehicle.  Other requirements may include, but are not limited to, having a valid driver’s license and a current auto insurance policy.  As with driving your own vehicle, you may need to obtain auto insurance from a company in Mexico.

Traveling by train, in Mexico, can be an amazing experience.  In addition to getting to your destination, you will find that a train ride is a great way to see all that Mexico has to offer. Traditional train rides can take you from one destination to another.  In addition to traditional train rides, you will find that Mexico offers a number of train tours. Similar to boat tours, these tours are a great way for you to sightsee while traveling to another part of the country.

In addition to car rentals, driving yourself, or taking the train, you can also travel around Mexico by taking the bus.  In many areas of Mexico, traveling by bus comes highly recommend.  Buses depart from popular Mexico vacation destinations, often, on an hourly basis.  Buses are available throughout Mexico, even in vacation destinations that are not as well-known or popular. No matter where you are located, it should be possible for you catch a bus.

Traveling by car, bus, or train is often viewed as the only ways to travel around Mexico. It may also be possible for you to travel by boat. The only downside to traveling by boat is that you are presented with a limited number of travel options.  If you are interested in traveling from one coastal city to the next, boat travel may be a great way to get to your next destination.

Whichever method of travel you select, you should be able to get to your next stop.  By selecting the proper method of travel, you may be able to see amazing historical sites along the way.

Understanding Mexican Laws While Vacationing in Mexico

Each year, millions of individuals travel to Mexico.  Many travel to Mexico for a vacation or a business trip. Whatever your reason for traveling to Mexico, there are a number of important things that you must consider.  Perhaps, the most important is the laws in Mexico.

Whether you are driving to Mexico or flying there, you will need to have the proper forms of identification.  Picture identification and proof of citizenship will be required.  To prove citizenship, a birth certificate or passport can be used.  Without the appropriate documents, you may be denied entry.

Before leaving for Mexico, it is advised that you make multiple copies of your identification documents.  You are encouraged to leave a copy at home and carry another copy with you, in addition to the original documents.  If you should have a problem with the Mexican authorities, these documents will come in handy.

Out of all of the people that to travel to Mexico, most will not encounter a problem with authorities.  To prevent a problem from occurring, you are encouraged to know and understand some of the laws that are currently in place in Mexico.  Knowing and abiding by these laws will not only keep you safe, but it will make your vacation enjoyable.

As with any country, Mexico has a large number of laws that are currently enforced. While it may be impossible for you to examine each and every one of these laws, you are encouraged to familiarize yourself with the most important ones.  For instance, many individuals believe that checking in at the boarder is all they have to when they arrive in Mexico.

If you are like most of the other individuals who visit Mexico, you are there on a vacation.  Arriving in Mexico by car is different than arriving there on an airplane. If you plan on driving yourself around Mexico, you will need to register your vehicle.  This can be done by obtaining a vehicle import permit.  Car owners that do not have the proper approval can be fined or lose their vehicle.

If you are traveling to Mexico for a business trip, you will be required to fill out a business form.  In Mexico, you are not allowed to conduct business in the area, without first making your intentions known.  Business travelers are required to fill out a conduct of business form.  If you are self-employed or work for a small company, you will often be responsible for this paperwork.  If you work for a larger, international company, the paperwork may already be taken care of.

Once in Mexico, you are encouraged to use alcohol with caution.  Mexican authorities often arrest individuals that illegal purchase alcohol, cause a public disruption, or drink in areas where alcohol is not permitted.  In the United States, illegal drinking activities are taken serious, but it is nothing compared to Mexico.  All punishments will vary, but you easily spend a number of months or years in jail.  That is why all tourists are encouraged to use their best judgment when alcohol is involved.

While in Mexico, it is likely that you will take risks. For that is what Mexico is all about. There is a difference between taking risks and breaking the laws. It is always important to keep in mind that the laws in Mexico vary from the laws in the United States and other countries.  In addition the laws, the way they are enforced and the punishment for breaking them vary.

If you are vacationing in Mexico and you find yourself in a predicament with the Mexican authorities, you are urged to contact your nearest embassy.  If you are from the United States, you will need to be in contact with the United States Embassy. By contacting your nearest embassy office, you can seek assistance on what to do next.

As previously mentioned, the best way to stay out of trouble in Mexico is not to cause it. When partying or participating in other activities, be sure you know what you are doing. When in doubt, it is best to avoid any activities that may land you jail.  If you are interested in learning more about Mexican laws, you can easily do the research online.

Vacationing With Your Family: Popular Mexico Destinations

Mexico is often viewed as a popular vacation destination for young adults and couples.  While it is true that Mexico has a large nubmer of attractions that are designed for adults, it is also a great place to vacation as a family.  If you and your family are currently searching for your next family vacation destination, you will want to take Mexico into consideration.

As with all other vacation destinations, you will have to find activities and facilities that are geared towards families.  In Mexico, you are sure to find a nubmer of these places.  To get you started on your search, you are encouraged to keep on reading.  Below is an overview of five popular Mexico locations that offer services, activities, and facilities for all of your family members, no matter how young or old they are.
(1)  Acapulco, Mexico is home to some of Mexico’s most famous beaches.  Beach resorts line the coast.  Vacationing here will allow you to participate in many beach activities. These activities may include, but are not limited to surfing, sunbathing, boating, and swimming.  While Acapulco is most well-known for their beaches, there are a wide range of other nearby activities that you and your family may enjoy.
Golf lovers will enjoy playing rounds of golf in or around the Acapulco area.  If golf is not an activity that your family enjoys, you may enjoy taking water tours.  You and your family could enjoy guided tours that take you along Mexico’s islands and lagoons. Your children may also find the nearby water and amusement parks exciting.
(2)  Mazatlan is a large costal city located on Mexico’s west coast.  Beach lovers can find an unlimited nubmer of activities in and around the Mazatlan area.  Popular beach activities include, but are not limited to surfing, swimming, sunbathing, and boating.
While visiting Mazatlan, children of all ages will love the seawater adventures.  At a nubmer of locations in this costal city, you and your family can learn about the creatures found underwater with fun activities.  Water shows, similar to those found at Sea World, may create an experience that you children will never forget.
(3)  Guadalajara is the second largest city in Mexico.  It is not located along the beach, but it is an ideal vacation destination for those traveling to Mexico with their families.  If you are interested in learning about the history and culture of Mexico, rather than just relaxing at the beach, Guadalajara is the place to be.
Guadalajara is most well-known for its culture and historic attractions.  You and your family may enjoy an area tradition known as Charro.  Mexican men, dressed as horse riders, will put on rodeo shows for tourists. While sightseeing or shopping in Guadalajara, you will enjoy the many fountains and parks that can be found around the way.  If you select Guadalajara as your next vacation destination, you and your family will not be disappointed.
(4)  Puerto Vallarta is located along the Mexican Riviera.  This area has a large nubmer of well-known beach resorts.  While Puerto Vallarta is known for its romantic environment, you and your family may enjoy visiting the area.  It has been said that Puerto Vallarta is ideal for vacationers visiting Mexico for the first time.

In addition to beach activities, Puerto Vallarta offers activities for the whole family. A popular attraction for many families is the Rio Cuale Island.  This island offer a ship that is similar to the one used by Christopher Columbus. What could be better than a beach getaway with a touch of education?
(5)  If you thought that Puerto Vallarta was an ideal vacation place due to value of incorporating education into your family’s Mexico vacation, you will love Mexico City.  While Mexico City has adapted to tourists, it is most known for it historical culture.  In many areas of the world, it is hard for a city to keeps its culture while still attracting tourist.
What you and your family may find most intriguing in Mexico City is the unlimited nubmer of museums.  Mexico City is home to a nubmer of traditional museums, interactive museums, and museums that are designed especially for children.  Whether you want to shop, learn, or sightsee, Mexico City is the place to be.
The above mentioned Mexico cities are just a few of the many that you can visit.  For additional tourist information you are encouraged to contact your local travel agent or request free Mexico vacation guides.

Vacationing in Mexico While on a Budget

If are planning a trip to Mexico, but you have a budget in mind, then you will be glad to know that visiting Mexico while on a budget is possible.  There are many ways to save money through package deals, low-cost airfare, discount accommodations, dining out, and traveling within the country.

Mexico is known for its beautiful beaches, rich culture, and fabulous cruises.  Even while on a budget, these activities can all be enjoyed during your visit.  So no matter what your financial situation is, you will be pleased to discover that planning a vacation to Mexico is affordable for just about anyone.

Saving on airfare is the first way to begin planning a vacation to Mexico while on a budget.  There are many different packages available.  With the help of the internet, finding a great deal is often simple and easy.  Depending on your location, you may also be surprised to discover that your own local travel agent may have vacation packages that include airfare, as well as your accommodations.

Accommodations are a necessity when visiting Mexico.  If you are staying with friends or family then you will automatically save money.  However, if you need to make arrangements for your housing, then you may find that a package deal is most beneficial to those on a budget.  There are other means of inexpensive housing, such as camping, but if you are looking for a hotel environment, then look for one with a package deal. A travel package can save you a considerable amount of money, so shop around and find the best deals that fit your needs.

Restaurants and eating out can be expensive, especially in trendy nightclubs and other famous resorts.  However, if you are traveling to Mexico on a budget, you can spend wisely and eat delicious foods while remaining on your budget.  You can take advantage of the many outdoor street markets and save.  The food is great, delicious, and a true taste of Mexican culture; not to mention, it is also easy on your pocketbook.

Shopping in grocery stores is another way to save money while visiting Mexico.   By eating the local produce, you will save money and have more to enjoy for your other vacation expenses.  It is important to note that you should treat any fruit and produce that you buy as food that requires care.  Make sure to peel and wash all fruits and vegetables before eating them and practice safe handling instructions for all food.

Transportation is another area where you can save money and remain within your targeted financial plan.  Mexico buses are a very cheap way to travel.  If you need information regarding bus schedules, times, and whether or not you will need a ticket, check with locals during your stay.  However, as a safety precaution, you are encouraged not to ride in any taxis that haven’t been prearranged through either the airport or your resort.

When it comes to transportation, you can also save money by taking a bus, rather than an airplane, into Mexico.  Some major bus lines, such as Greyhound, will take you straight into Mexico.  This is an affordable way to save money and plan your vacation as well.

Planning a Mexico vacation on a budget may seem difficult to do, but you may soon realize that there is a lot of assistance available.  With careful planning, and sticking to your budget, you can enjoy a wonderful vacation in Mexico.