Outdoor Adventures With Luxury Car Hire in Namibia

You may be on an adventure, but luxury car hire in Namibia still gives you the perfect blend of comfort and action – allowing you to experience the best of both worlds with a highly comfortable 4x4 or mini van that is perfectly suited to help you get from destination to destination in style and luxury. While the harsh climate and extreme terrains of Namibia are not suited to luxury car hire options such as BMW, Mercedes or Porsche, it is still possible to hire a top of the line luxury ride that will ensure that you never have to worry about surviving the long haul in a cramped and uncomfortable vehicle. 

Take to the road in a ultra spacious vehicle such as the VW T5 Microbus or Toyota Quantum, and experience features such as air conditioning, power steering, air bags, sound system and endless space – perfect for nights where pitching a tent is simply too much hard work, and you wish to have a comfortable base to catch a few winks before heading back out to the road. 

To add even more comfort and luxury to your travel experience, try these tips during your luxury car rental experience: 

•Get the best tent that you can afford. Waterproof and mosquito proof tents are the best, and ideally your tent should sleep a minimum of two – look out for the larger dome tents that comprise of a spacious entrance for a seriously upmarket option that will see you protected against all the elements. 

•Look out for down filled sleeping bags with soft waterproof covers. Namibia’s weather can go from blistering heat to below zero freezing depending on where you are situated – beat the cold desert temperatures with a luxurious sleeping bag that keeps you as snug as a bug in a rug during your trip. 

•Don’t forget the little extras. Just because you are staying in a tent, it doesn’t mean that you have to compromise on luxury or quality. Good quality camping mattresses, travel packs of your favourite body lotion and shower goodies, comfortable clothing in soft cottons, comfortable and easy to pack camping chairs and soft jerseys for cooler days all do wonders for adding a touch of home comforts to your camping experience. 

•Invest in good quality luggage. This includes backpacks that have ample room to keep your essentials on your when you are backpacking, as well as roomy suitcases that store your equipment and clothing adequately and can easily be stored during your mini bus or 4x4 hire. 

•Include a night or two at a luxury lodge on your trip. Namibia boasts a number of outstanding safari lodges, including tented camps that boast just about everything you could ever need for a perfect sleep – ideal for a break from tents, sleeping bags and endless driving. 

•Essential tools to ensure a comfortable trip are vital. This includes choosing the GPS enabled vehicle option when hiring your car, as well as items such as first aid kit, torches with plenty of batteries, water bottles, spare tires, candles, matches, Swiss army knife and all the other last minute details you think you may need to stay safe, comfortable and organised during your adventure. 

You don’t need to spend a fortune to add a touch of comfort and style to your off roading experience, and with the right luxury car rental in Namibia, you can be sure that you travel in sumptuousness at all times.