Phang Nga Hotels Offering Only the Best

Phang Nga is a province some 800 km from Bangkok. Bordered by both land and sea, it offers the best of both worlds. There are lots of national parks in Phang Nga, and these are very popular destinations among tourists. There are many islands around Phang Nga Bay. When you visit this province, make your stay really memorable and comfortable by staying in any of the Phang Nga hotels available.

Phang Nga hotels range from three to five star accommodations. Rooms are priced accordingly, so there’s something for everybody. Phang Nga hotelsare found in the center of the province, and scattered in the many national parks and islands. So wherever you are in the province, a multitude of Phang Nga hotels are there to suit your accommodation requirements.

One of the recommended Phang Nga hotels is Bor Saen Villa Spa. A 5 star accommodation 45 minutes from Phuket International Airport, it costs $352 for an overnight stay here. It might be a bit steep for some travelers, but the hotel offers a tremendously peaceful ambience to relax the mind and quiet the soul.

Located inside Phang Nga is Khao Lak. This rural area is surrounded by rice fields and coconut plantations. It has a natural jungle inside amid a hilly landscape interspersed with streams and waterfalls. A short stay in a Khao Lak resort will surely be an experience to remember. The main characteristic of a Khao Lak resort is felt in the ambience. Each Khao Lak resort is designed to make guests really feel that they are on vacation.

Khao Lak Resort is the premier hotel for tourists. It has world class facilities, mixing comfort and luxury with a natural and tranquil environment. It strives to give guests the feeling of having paradise on earth. An overnight stay here costs around a maximum of 2000 baht, offering a very luxurious experience for any budget. On the higher end, 2 of the 9 villas have private swimming pools, while the rest have Jacuzzis out on a private patio. There are 42 bungalows that provide easy access to the main swimming pool and the beach. For travelers on a tighter budget, Khao Lak Resort has superior rooms located in a higher part of the resort.

What can travelers do in Phang Nga? One of the things Thailand is famous for is the elephant ride. Get the thrill of your life riding atop the largest land mammal. The province has many islands around the bay, so island hopping is also high on the to do list. Paddle in a kayak around the bay, or go on a rafting trip. And since Phang Nga has many national parks, visit one that captures your interest. Go diving in Khao Lak; there are many world class dive sites nearby.

There are so many things to do, so much to see in Phang Nga. So go on, try staying in Phang Nga hotels, or check out a Khao Lak resort. Make sure you have enough time to enjoy everything. It’s sure to become one of your memorable trips yet.