4 Insanely Offbeat Idaho Roadside Attractions

While Idaho officially bears the name, The Gem State, unofficially it will always be known as the Potato State. In fact, from its potato museums, to its potato themed drive ins, the state may very well have more spud based attractions than California has theme parks. But beneath the skin of its thick potato layers, lies a world of wonderfully strange roadside attractions. Here are four of its best:

1. Museum Of Clean: Pocatello, Idaho

Neat freaks rejoice. The soon to open 75,000 square foot Museum of Clean is set to bring you over 2000 years of cleaning history; from the broom to the Roomba. Learn the secret history of turpentine, find out why ammonia and bleach don’t mix and bow down to the great bald one (Mr. Clean) himself.

There’s even a specially designed exhibit for children; Kids Cleaning World. Watch the smiles on your child’s faces as they take part in the fully interactive exhibit; washing dishes, making beds, vacuuming and dusting (seriously, we’re not kidding). It’s any mom’s dream come true.

Buy your tickets to the grand opening now; just remember to take your shoes off before you enter.

2. World’s First Nuclear Power Plant Tour: Arco, Idaho

It’s only fitting that the world’s first nuclear power plant should be located in a place that looks like it has recently been stuck a nuclear attack. The eerie, nuclear nothingness of Arco, lends the plant a genuine feel of authenticity.

The self guided nuclear tour, positions you in the epicentre of the plant’s control centre, where you are free to push buttons, adjust nuclear control rods, and cause meltdowns to your hearts content. Homer Simpson would be proud.

Fortunately for the future state of the world and human kind, the plant is no longer operational.

3. Dog Bark Inn: Cottonwood Idaho

Finally a dog you never have to walk, feed or clean up after (though sadly, you can’t exactly play fetch with it either). The massive Beagle, known as Sweet Willy is a full on Bed and Breakfast hotel room, complete with chain saw carved furniture Queen Size bed and enough bone décor to pacify all of canine kind.

The breakfast of eggs, bacon and fruit was fresh and delicious; surprising considering we were expecting puppy chow.

4. Oasis Bordello Museum, Wallace Idaho

After catching word that the Oasis Bordello was on the brink on an FBI invasion, its occupants fled and never returned. Today, the former Bordello turned Bordello Museum is preserved exactly like it was, the night the girls fled back in 1988.

You’ll enter the museum much like its former clients did the bordello, up a creaky staircase and though a triple bolted door. Once inside you’ll find scantily clad mannequins, J.C Penny catalogues, and other relics of the mundane life of a late 80’s prostitute.

Perhaps strangest of all is the exhibit of the house Madame busy at the helm of her Atari 5200. When not occupied with the burden of work, she apparently enjoyed long passionate nights of Pacman and Space Invaders.