Thailand Holidays The Must Have Experiences

Thailand is the perfect place to spend a holiday. Why? Well, for starters, it has stunning rainforests, incredible mountain ranges, and beautiful beaches. While Thailand is most famous for its beaches, there is so much more adventure to find in this amazing country. From flying through the jungle like a monkey, to lady boy s strutting their stuff, to the biggest water fight in the world, Thailand delivers some serious adventure goods. Here are just a few ideas to spice up your trip...

Zipline Canopy Tour: The Flight of the Gibbon Adventure Tour lies just outside Chiang Mai in a 15 centuries old rainforest. There are 18 platforms, sky bridges and other lowering stations that connect about 2 km of ziplines, which let you access the different rainforest canopy layers. It can be a little bit fast and scary, but it is totally safe, and there are plenty of families that get involved as well as your typical adrenalin junkies.

Songkran Festival: This annual festival, which starts on April 13th and lasts between 3 and 10 days depending on which part of Thailand you are in, is the highlight of the year for many Thai people. It is a time when Thai people, and tourists in the country, come together to celebrate the new Solar Year. Water is the main component of celebrating this festival. Given that this festival lies in the hottest time of the year, people have their giant super soakers out and buckets out. It is probably the biggest water fight in the world. You will find water fights in almost every small village in Thailand.

Rock Climbing: Climbers of all ages and abilities have been visiting Thailand for years so as to experience the amazing limestone rock formations that are widespread there. With so many adventure tourists visiting, it no surprise to find that several specialist companies have formed to cater to their needs. Wee s Climbing School in the south of Thailand has a proven reputation, however, with fame, comes crowds. If you want fewer people, cooler weather, great rock, and excellent guides, head north and check out Chiang Mai Rock Climbing Adventures.

Elephant Parks: Elephant parks are plentiful for in Thailand, but one that stands out from the rest is the Elephant Nature Park in northern Thailand. Set in a beautiful valley which is surrounded by rivers and mountains, there could hardly be a more appropriate place to have built it. Located in about 60km from the city of Chiang Mai, it provides a home for more than 30 elephants, all of which have come from distressed backgrounds. The basic aim of this park is to provide a rescue center and a sanctuary for the elephants. It sets itself apart from other elephant camps by promoting elephant tourism based on respect and dignity for the animals. Therefore, you find any elephant rides or juggling elephants here, just a chance to see and interact with elephants in a natural environment.

These are just some of my personal favorites, and there are of course lots of other things to experience in Thailand. Don t just take my word for it try it yourself!