Exploring the Best of SF Restaurants in Cole Valley

There are many grear places to see and do in san francisco California , many interesting neighborhoods and someone can spend days over days wondering the streets and enjoying every moment of it 

Found in the proximity of the Haight, in San Francisco, Cole Valley doesn t come across as a conventional San Francisco neighborhood. Cole Valley has a very distinct character and it is known for its strong sense of community. Among the many features that define Cole Valley, the range of SF restaurants found here gain prominence. The SF restaurants here may appear more humble in their appearance but the food served can compete with the best in San Francisco. In the small, commercial strip of just about three blocks, sandwiched between Cole Street and Carl Street, you can choose any of the nearly dozen SF restaurants that have created a dedicated fan following, even extending to the Bay Area. Among the many SF restaurants found in Cole Valley, the most recommended choices include: 

Italian SF restaurants in Cole Valley: Bambino s Ristorante (945, Cole Street) 

This is your best bet when looking for a meal with the entire family. The food here is known for its authentic Italian taste and it attracts patrons from many surrounding neighborhoods. To put it simply, you can consider the Ristorante among the best Italian themed SF restaurants. The pastas can be spicy sometimes and the ones with linguini or sun dried tomatoes are just awesome. Visitors can also choose among other combinations including spinach, mushrooms, grilled salmon, capers or dill. Unlike some other Italian SF restaurants, the food is easy on the wallet and the entire décor is very cozy and inviting. 

French SF restaurants in Cole Valley: Boulange de Cole Valley (1000, Cole Street)

The first step inside the Boulange and the typical style of this Parisian café makes an immediate impression. This is the most frequented of Cole Valley s many small French SF restaurants. The bakery serves characteristic French fare and the flavors are subtle but the creams literally melt in the mouth. Visitors will not be disappointed when feasting upon any of the confectionaries like the croissants or the éclairs and tarts. Those searching for French SF restaurants that serve proper meals, this place will do justice with its specialty — the smoked duck that is served with prunes or the béchamel sauce combination that is served along with eggplant and tomatoes. 

there are many more great restaurants in this great part of san francisco , you can go on and google it , or use yelp which is a great source for cool reliable reviews , also tripadvisor is a very good site to get good info . 

san francisco is a great place to spend your time and cole valley is differently worth your time there but also dont forget the outer great activities this wonderfully city can offer her visitors , like a trip to the famous Alcatraz person and of course how can we forget the golden gate bridge.