Unforgettable Rome

As the saying goes, “All roads lead to Rome”, and it is considered by many to be one of the most beautiful and romantic cities in the world. It is a reputation well deserved and once you’ve had yourself a big slice of this Italian delight, you’ll be counting down the days until your return. Walking in Italy through the sun kissed landscape is always a joy to the senses, but a sojourn to her vibrant capital is something else entirely; and entirely unforgettable.

The Unforgettable Architecture

Of all the old cities in Europe, Rome has possibly the most striking and awe inspiring architecture. Walking in Italy’s largest and busiest city is a history buff’s delight and the splendour of the ancient buildings will take your breath away. Although the early Romans adopted a style belonging to the Greeks, they adapted it in such a way that they created their own unique blend. The two both fall into the ‘classical’ body of architecture, and throughout Rome you will see the elegant curves and arches which depict this style.

The most famous embodiment of Roman architecture is of course the awesome Colosseum, but it is not the only place of interest. For the eeriest experience you will have walking in Italy, head underground to one of the many Catacombs of Rome and follow in the footsteps of ancient monks as you explore by candlelight. San Pietro, or St Peter’s is another on the list of must see architectural triumphs in Rome. The magnificent centrepiece of the Vatican City is nothing short of breath taking, and the only thing more inspiring than gazing upon the majestic dome, is walking in Italy’s most revered church and laying eyes on the interior.

The Unforgettable Food

Of course we all know Italy is synonymous with fabulous food and Rome is certainly no exception. Although there are of course the usual tourist traps and soggy roadside pizza stalls, dig a little deeper and you can discover a culinary delight. It only takes a little effort to get off the beaten track and lose yourself (with the back up of a map of course) in the back streets and secret alleys of Rome. Walking in Italy’s capital can be an adventure of sight and sound if you just peek around a few corners. It is in these tiny back streets that you will discover the real Rome and the authentic food that the locals enjoy. Don’t be afraid to try things that are a little different and you will open up a whole new world to your taste buds. Fresh artichokes, Osso Bucco, pecorino cheese, creamy honey and spicy wild boar are just a few delicacies you may try.

The Unforgettable Romance

No matter who you’re travelling with, you cannot help but be touched by the romance of Rome. It is especially memorable to visit Rome with a loved one and the city is full of secret alcoves, tucked away restaurants and hidden gems you can experience together. Hand in hand, walking in Italy’s most romantic city, you can eat gelati and wine and dine each other to your heart’s content. Visit the Trevi Fountain and join centuries of lovers who have thrown a coin in the waters. Legend has it that if you do so, with your back to the fountain, you will always return to Rome – so make sure you do it together.

Arrivederci Roma, rinvierò. (Goodbye Rome, I will return)