Bon Sol Hotel in Mallorca

Mallorca is Spain’s largest Balearic Islands. It offers a wide variety of scenery which ranges from very fertile plains to mountain peaks and culture too! To complete the perfect picture of vacation, shopping and great beaches come hand in hand to greet you. It is never that hard to answer the question as to why Mallorca is a very famous holiday destination in Europe. This is because the airport is very efficient, modern and huge enough for you to take a hike from the gate to the baggage claim area! 

Since I know a vacation should be relaxing and should be away from the typical hustles and bustles of the typical tourist spot, you can always check in at the Bon Sol Hotel. It is a hotel that is perfect for you as this is far from where the tourist usually flocks and still very near to the center of things in Mallorca. Bon Sol Hotel can be found in Illetas which is just five kilometers away from downtown Palma. The hotel is scattered into a number of sections over seven stories that are serviced by beautiful pathways as well as a superb system of elevators. The place is so astounding that it has been decorated with unique items dated from the medieval world up to the modern times. The time span may be a bit long but the hotel has magnificently provided a warm and friendly environment which would make you relax and remove your stress away. Also, since the hotel is designed from the years of medieval, do expect Knights in Armor to be standing at some strategic locations to guard you while you are within the premises. 

Bon Sol Hotel is managed and owned by the family of Lorraine and Martin Xamena. The hotel is family owned and the ones who currently manage it are those who represent the second generation of the blood line. That is why, when you are staying here, do not be surprised if you will see them managing the place along with their attentive staff. 

The hotel is situated into a hillside in a small cove which is wonderful if you want privacy along with a cozy beach. You will surely enjoy the beach as it is complemented with pools at varied deepness. If you want to have sun tan, there is an adequate number of sun tan equipment and for those who do not enjoy the heat; a lot of shades are also made for you. 

Bon Sol Hotel is the most recommended hotel in the place. Yet, do not be alarmed if the season is high and that you are not going to have your accommodation because Bon Sol Hotel has 922 rooms which are uniquely styled from each other. And the rooms are really large, have good bathrooms and above satisfactory views. And if you are going as a family or in group or would like to have an extended stay, you can always avail the villas which have a total of 28.