The Two Koreas

The two divided areas of Korea are North and South Korea both of which offer unique and memorable travel experience. The most popular destination in Korea is Seoul located in South Korea. Currently travel to North Korea is only available if you are part of a guided tour which is presented by the North Korean government. 

South Korea is the site of a wonderful natural landscape featuring everything from beaches and mountains to large urban cities. South Korea is a great travel destination for anyone who is interested in Asian culture. It is the home to a volcanic mountain range which creates background scenery consisting of vivid green mountains among the flat plains used to grow rice and local crops. There are several mountainous islands which are well known for their beauty and peaceful atmosphere. 

Seoul is one of the most densely populated areas in South Korea. Seoul is home to a huge range of cultural activities as well as a shopping and dining experiences not found elsewhere. Seoul is a rich cultural area filled with temples and pagodas which are many centuries old. The climate in Seoul calls for spring or autumn travel when the temperature is more moderate. The rainy season is in the summer which makes the season humid and extremely hot. 

You will love the beautiful landscape of Seoul which is built beneath towering mountains and vast vegetation. Here you can readily discover several parks which rest amid the huge city. 

If you wish to travel into North Korea then you will need to become a member of one of the guided tours which are offered for that purpose. You will not be allowed to leave your tour group and venture out on your own under any circumstances. You will still be able to fully shop, dine and interact with the North Korean people permitting you to adequately enjoy the sights associated with North Korea from your tour group. You will need to obtain a tourist visa in order to visit North Korea even if you are traveling with a guided tour group. 

In recent years, North Korea has begun to reveal more about the country and its people although you should expect to only receive a limited view of the country while traveling with your tour group. 

North Korea has a rich history and is located in an area of beautiful landscape which most everyone can appreciate and enjoy. The country is typically of a farming nature with plenty of beautiful terraced hillsides visible as you travel the country roads.