How To Get To Egypt A Brief Guide To Getting To Egypt

Egypt is a land rich in history and culture, with a vast area of geographical attractions that makes the country more intriguing to tourists all over the world. These attraction where known since the ancient times, since the time when slavery was vast in Africa wherein people were forced to built gigantic monuments to give praise to their Gods and preserve their rulers for the thought of ruling again in the future. The famous man made gigantic creations are the great Egyptian Pyramids which is wrap with mysteries until this time, the Sphinx which is a mythological creature depicted from a lion with a human head, the Valley of Kings where the noble Egyptians were buried. Aside from man made attractions, Egypt is also a place blessed with natural attractions from the roots of Nile river.

The very basic necessity in order to go to Egypt is a valid passport and a visa. You can apply for a visa in the Egyptian embassy with the complete requirements in order. A single entry visa is only valid for 3 months with a 1 month stay of the said country. If you are planning of popping in and out of the country every once in a while, whether for recreation, relaxation, and business purposes, then multiple entry visa would be our best advise. If you are coming as a group, it is also advisable to contact a traveling agency wherein they will be the one to process the requirements without hassle in your part.

No one is gonna stop you once you acquired your visa so start packing your things and be good to go whenever you want whether by land, plane or ship.

For travelers more comfortable with plane, Egypt has several major airports to choose from, namely, Cairo International Airport, Alexandria Nozha, Luxor International Airport, Aswan International Airport, Hurghada International Airport, Sharm El Sheikh International Airport and Burg Al Arab International Airport. Cairo International Airport is the main gateway airport of most of the international airlines. It all actually depends on your destination and preference to which airports are you bound to.

Egypt is also accessible through buses and cars for their neighboring countries, but of course this would take time for you to arrive to your destination so be sure to bring with you your leisure gadgets like cameras to take pictures of what might come in your way and i pods to make you ride lively. However, this is also a good choice since this is much cheaper than on plane and more fun, for you don t not know what is on your way. Nevertheless, never forget your visa with you, for you cannot cross the borders without it.

Another option is traveling by boat. Riding on a boat with your love one is another interesting thing to do, more relax and the sea breeze will surely get you on the mood. There are couple of Ferry services are available to choose from. To mention; First, there is From Pireaus, Greece to Alexandria. Second, is from Aqaba (Jordan) to Suez. Third, is from Aqaba (Jordan) to Nuweiba in the Sinai Peninsula. Fourth, is from Saudi Arabia to Suez. And lastly, is from Wadi Helfa (Sudan) to Aswan across Lake Nasser.