Top Activities For Camping in the Pyrénées

They may not be as famous as the French Alps, but the Pyrénées mountains and the surrounding countryside shouldn’t be missed out. Beautiful valleys, dramatic peaks and an outstanding coastline combine to make it a truly stunning holiday destination, especially for families who like to get active on their trips abroad. If you go on a French Pyrénées camping holiday, you can soak up culture in the cities or the sun on the beaches, stroll through gentle parkland, tackle the high mountains, and much more besides. No matter what kind of a holiday you want to have, here are a few activities to consider if you are camping in the Pyrénées… 

Take the Pilgrimage to Lourdes 

Lourdes is one of the most famous and significant pilgrimage sites in the Catholic faith. Ever since apparitions of the Virgin Mary were sighted by a devout local girl in the middle of the nineteenth century, hordes of devoted pilgrims have flocked to Lourdes every year, drawn by the healing power of the waters which are alleged to cure the sick and infirm. An estimated five million pilgrims and curious tourists visit every year, and whether you are a believer or not, if you are camping in the Pyrénées you should certainly join them for a day! 

Go Hiking in the Mountains 

Naturally, the mountains are one of the main attractions for camping in the French Pyrénées. Whether you want to follow one of the long distance paths through the mountains or do some light day hiking, the range is filled with trails and peaks for every ability. The more adventurous may wish to try cycling or even rock climbing, and if you’d prefer to sample some of the finest countryside in the Pyrénées without getting up the mountains themselves, head over to the Parc National des Pyrénées – beautiful scenery and rare plants and animals abound there. 

Enjoy the Historic Towns 

The Pyrénées is filled with charming cities and historic towns to explore. The pilgrimage sites at Lourdes are the most famous attraction in the towns as mentioned above, but bustling Toulouse and the handsome city of Pau shouldn’t be missed out on. On a smaller scale, Auch and Mirande both offer medieval architectural delights, and if you are on a Pyrénées camping holiday near any of these towns and cities, be sure to pop in for a day trip to sample the highlights. 

Relax in a “Gypsy Caravan” 

If you are tired out from the walking, city tours, and holy pilgrimages, you’ll need a good place to relax at the end of the day. The Pyrénées are filled with bustling campsites, but if you want to relax in peace and quiet, there are other options. In particular, there are “gypsy caravans” as an alternative to camping in the Pyrénées, typically located in stunning, secluded locations. The caravans themselves offer characterful accommodation without scrimping on comfort; they are fully heated and equipped with a kitchen, bathroom, bedroom and living room as started. The site at Roulottes d’Escapa is especially highly recommended, providing some of the best caravans in the Pyrénées.