Mar Menor Scuba Diving

The Mar Menor is an ideal for a memorable Mar Menor scuba diving experience. Basically a salty lagoon, the Mar Menor is located in Murcia in the south of Spain. 

Often refereed to a little sea, it is completely apart from the Mediterranean ocean to the side of it. Scuba Diving here can be very rewarding if you are not ready to go into the wide open ocean that is the Mediterranean.

The Mar Menor may not be filled to the brim with exotic wild life that you will find in the neighbouring Mediterranean, but its a place to hone your skills and practise key scuba movements. The calm and clear waters offer and environment to put into practise the theory you got taught in the swimming pool. 

When you find a dive school in the Murcia region of southern Spain then you might want to ask if they take you out in the Mar Menor before going into a proper open water environment. Diving in the Mediterranean is something that you should only attempt if you are feeling confident, and have the skills to dive safely. If you dive in the ocean next to the Mar Menor Scuba Diving facilities you have a change to encounter rays, barracudas and even octopus. Despite a vivid colour of tropical fish awaiting in the reefs and wrecks in the open water should not jump in over your head until you are fully qualified and practised your new found talent in such a place like the Mar Menor. 

You might be wondering what kind of marine life is actually in the Mar Menor is the big fish are in the Mediterranean next to it. Well there is a large healthy population of prawns, mullets and codfish in the area. 

The local area of Mar Menor offer visiting scuba divers a range of facilities from accomodation in the form hotels and villas to restaurants to offer you a wide range of freshly caught fish through out the day. There are a number of sporting facilities around the Mar Menor offering anything from tennis and golf to football. If you want an activity on the Mar Menor other than scuba diving then you can opt for paragliding or wind surfing. There is something for everybody here, so you friends of families while you dive can be kept entertained. 

The Mar Menor Scuba Diving area like mentioned before is a saltwater lagoon in Murcia. It is a popular tourists attraction and cater for many other water sports and activities. The depth of the Mar Menor is approximately 7 metres so novices should feel safe diving in such an environment. The waters are full of iodine and tend to be warm throughout the year, allowing it to be a popular dive spot in winter because of it. 

To sum up for you, if you are interested in scuba diving or fully qualified then there is something for each of you here at the Mar Menor. The warm, calm waters offer the novice a introduction to the life beneath the sea with its fair share of plant life and wildlife. Scuba diving in Spain is an experience you will not forget in a hurry any time soon so be prepared for the time of your life if you choose to take part in Mar Menor Scuba Diving from a local dive centre / school.