Exciting Activities in Guardalavaca

Hotels in Guardalavaca, Cuba, are ideally situated for a range of activities in this excellent location. From swimming with dolphins to enjoying a drink with the locals, a Guardalavaca holiday will be an interesting experience.

Guardalavaca is a beautiful region on the north coast of Cuba in the province of Holguin. With beautiful beaches, excellent hotels and a range of exciting activities, Guardalavaca holidays are relaxing and refreshing.

In such a beautiful part of the Cuba, you have five main beaches to choose from whilst on your Guardalavaca holiday: Plays Esmeralda, Guardalavaca Beach, Pon Lino, and Bahia de Naranjo. Each beach has its own unique characteristics, but golden sands, clear waters and exceptional beauty are always guaranteed.

Guardalavaca resorts are known for their ability to relax and entertain holidaymakers, being in such an excellent location for scenery and activities. Here are some interesting activities to do in the region.

Swim with Dolphins

Guardalavaca holidays offer something very unique: swimming with dolphins. To most people, this is a very exciting prospect, and would certainly be an exciting addition to a holiday while staying at a nearby Guardalavaca hotel.

Depending on your level of adventurousness, you can partake in dolphin swimming in the ocean or in a controlled environment. Either way, these friendly and gentle creatures are sure to touch your heart and be a highlight of you Guardalavaca holiday.

If you choose the tamer route, about 10 people are usually allowed to swim with the dolphins at one time. Trainers will get the dolphins to do tricks while you’re in the water with them, with the grand finale involving the two dolphins powering you through the water. After an experience such as this, you can return to your Guardalavaca hotel to recount the details of your afternoon.

Setting off on a Steam Train

To the west of Guardalavaca lies the town of Santa Lucia, know by some as Rafael Freyre. Setting off from your Guardalavaca resort, you can take a journey by steam train from Santa Lucia into the Cuban countryside.

Enjoy the lush vegetation and beautiful scenery, as you chug along on your train ride. This activity is a good way to explore areas set away from the main Guardalavaca hotels, and Cuba affords diverse and interesting places to discover.

An Interesting Local Market

To get a taste of Cuban life, a local market is not far from the Guardalavaca resorts. This bustling little market could keep you entertained for a couple of days, as the wares are constantly changing. With local handmade arts and crafts to admire, you can certainly spend a good few hours doing some shopping.

On the outskirts of the market lie small shops with t shirts, cd’s and other interesting odds and ends. You can enjoy perusing their contents before settling down in a quiet café or buzzing bar just beside the market. It might be a good way to mingle with the locals, and will offer something different to the Guardalavaca hotels.

Just beyond the market, a set of steps will take you down to a public beach. You could take a refreshing swim after bustling about the market, simply lie on the sand, or enjoy a drink while gazing out over the ocean at on of the beachside bars. It will be a great way to mingle with the locals and experience the culture on you Guardalavaca holiday.