Paragliding in Olu Deniz

There are few places in the world better suited to the thrill of Paragliding than the Turkish resort of Olu Deniz. But how does one go about arranging it? Can anyone Paraglide? What does it require? As a sport that not many people have had the opportunity to try, many of these questions hang in the air (apologies…) when the subject is raised. With this in mind, a ‘Question and Answers’ approach would seem to be the most helpful to anyone looking to enjoy the sport on their Olu Deniz holidays.

What exactly is Paragliding?

Paragliding is a free flying, foot launched recreational sport. Using a canopy that looks like a parachute, but acts like a rigid wing, the pilot takes a few steps to launch themselves from a suitable slope and is immediately airborne. Using a few simple controls they are then able to soar over ridges, rise upon warm air currents and travel great distances with minimal effort.

Is it safe?

With well maintained equipment and sensible planning Paragliding can be said to be extremely safe. The companies that you will encounter on your Olu Deniz holidays hire only professional and experienced pilots, only fly when weather conditions are agreeable and are equipped with communication devices to cope with any eventuality. As a novice you will be flying in tandem beneath a single canopy with one of these pilots.

Can anyone do it?

Yes, provided they are in good health! Weight is usually an important issue in Paragliding, but most companies do their best to pair each customer with the most appropriate pilot.

What makes Olu Deniz such a good location?

The same things that make holidays in Olu Deniz so attractive! The beauty of the blue seas, the golden coastline and the thick, green forests are particularly spectacular from above. Coupled to this is the geography of the Babada& #287; mountain, which is perfectly situated as a launching point due to its ideal altitude and proximity to a wealth of thermal currents.

How do I get there?

A Jeep safari is the favoured way to reach the launching spot high above the resort. A 50 minute drive through the surrounding forests and mountains, it is a beautiful journey and a treat in itself.

What time of year do they operate?

Paragliding operators work when the weather and tourist numbers favour them and are roughly linked to the high seasons of holidays to Olu Deniz, i.e. April to November.

What do you have to wear?

Flying suits and helmets are provided, meaning that you only have to remember a good pair of trainers and suntan lotion.

How much does it cost?

Costs are usually around £70. For this you will spend a minimum of 25 minutes in the air, though your pilot will try their best to give you up to 45 minutes or more.

We hope this helps and that Paragliding will be something you enjoy on your next Olu Deniz holidays!